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I'm not saying that I have this all together, that I have it made. But I am well on my way, reaching out for Christ, who has so wondrously reached out for me. Friends, don't get me wrong: By no means do I count myself an expert in all of this, but I've got my eye on the goal, where God is beckoning us onward—to Jesus. I'm off and running, and I'm not turning back.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day 32

I can hardly believe it's already June!! That means I only have 39 more days left of being 29!! AUGH!!! I am SO NOT READY to be THIRTY yet! At least in 39 days (on my b-day) I will have been doing P90X for 71 days...and hopefully will be seeing some noticable results by then!
Anyhow, today was weird. (again) (I feel like I say that ALL the time)
We got up super early and packed everything up to go to the lake. I cut and packaged up all kinds of fruit (cherries, oranges, pineapple, grapes) and made us all up sandwhiches. I got our swimsuits out, towels, sunscreen and Matt went out and hooked onto the boat, took the cover off and got it all ready to go. Then we decided to check the weather before we left....and it was bad news. Thunderstorm warnings all day with chance of 70-80 mph winds and hail. UGH! So, back in we went. It wasn't long before Matt got called out to go to work and he's been there ever since (and won't be home until tomorrow and then only to sleep) BTW, if you don't know, he works for the power company and with all that high wind...lots of people lost power (trees falling on lines and such). So..I can't speak for him today, as he's been gone all day, but here is what I ate today:

Breakfast: egg white scramble w/ FF cheddar, 1 turkey bacon, 1/2 slice ww toast with 100% natural preserves, skim milk with protien powder

Snack (at noon): My sandwhich that I had made which was 2 slices light WW bread, turkey and FF mayo.

Lunch (at 4 pm): BIG salad and a protien bar

Dinner: (at 8:30 pm): Took kids to Sonic after church. I got a Santa Fe Grilled Chicken Salad with light ranch. I ate aout 1/2 of it and then put the other half in the fridge for tomorrow.

Snack/Dessert: I am fixing ot make myself a cup of hot chocolate to sip on before bed. I found some at Wal-Mart today that is called Sweet Sensations and it is diet and only has 25 calories! I have been CRAVING hot chocolate or hot tea or SOMETHING hot I can drink at night before I hope this will make me happy. Course, if it tastes very diet-y...I won't like it.

I have to admit to a few naughty cheats today: I took 2 bites of Grant's chili-cheese coney tonight (from Sonic). I know...bad. What really stinks is it wasn't even good. It just LOOKED SOOOO good. You'd think after the first bite, I would have been convinced...but he wasn't eating it and was going to throw the whole thing away...and I thought it looked so amazingly good, so I tried a 2nd bite...and still...very disappointing. Also, for some reason, they put an onion ring on top of my salad tonight and so I ate that. It also was very blah.
I don't know if its because its "That Time" or what...but I've had the kind of day today where I just don't really give a rip. I'm frustrated that I'm not seeing bigger changes in my body. I'm craving all kinds of foods that I know are bad for me and that I can't have and I feel REALLY deprived. I did buy a 2-liter of Diet Mountain Dew yesterday. Before P90X, I could/would drink that whole thing in 1 day...but since starting P90X, I haven't had but one soda in ALL this time. I decided that for an occasional treat, a glass of diet soda, isn't gonna kill me. I am going to limit it to a glass every other day or so. Then when that 2 liter is's gone. No more. Not for a while anyway.
So, that's where I am. Hoping tomorrow will be more positive. Matt's gonna be working night and day for the next several days...which means I will probably be working out alone (bummer). BTW, Candy, do you ever do WOWY? it's 11:05...time to get in bed! Goodnight!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

Yes, the Heart Rate Monitor tells you exactly how many calories you've burned during the exercise while in your zone. I bought mine at a sporting goods store, it was a little expensive though I paid $99 for it, it is a Polar Brand. But you can get inexpensive ones as well, mine has a few more bells and whistles that I don't even use, but I really didn't know what I wanted at the time I bought it. Make sure to buy one that has a watch and a strap to go around your chest. I would imagine you could get one at Wal mart, do you guys have Wal marts there? I think you might could get one for $50 or less. Check them out next time your shopping out. It's just nice to know the actual calories burned for your workout. I know Tony say's you can burn up to 600 calories with his workout. Maybe so with Classic, but that would be constant Bringing it throughout. I am doing the lean and I burn anywhere from 180 today for Stretch X (Which is kind of a iffy number considering I never really got up in my fat burning zone much) to 510 for Arms and Shoulders Workout. I can burn more in a strength training session than Cardio it seems, but I do them all as they come up...I think you do a lot more strength in the classic then I do in the Lean.

And Yes, I would definitely use the measurements that you had before, that will give you something to go on. Take some more now and every 2-4 weeks to see progress. Measurements are a much better indicator than the scale for sure. I maily just like to know where my waist, abdominal (around Belly button area) and Hips are going and probably my thighs as well. I don't want bigger thighs, I would really like to trim them down some, thats what I'm hoping. I like the strength but would not like the bulk in them. I heard once that if you don't want to bulk up the thighs to use lighter to no weights and do more reps when it comes to leg work (lunges and squats and such), so thats what I am trying...

Yes, I do WOWY every time I exercise, why not you may even win something.

Mark and I watched "The Holiday", it was good, a few not so good parts again but for the most part we liked it.

Thank you for the spiritual encouragement, I do need that more than anything right now. I have really filled my life with things that take a lot of my time, and leaving Gods time short to none.:( Don't watch gladiaters, never have. There is only so much time, I don't ever sit and watch TV, except for the few shows that I tape from season to season. We like Surviver, I absolutely love the Biggest Loser and Big Fans of 24. Right now I am taping "So you think you can dance" (one of my fav's) and I am taping the Mole tonight. We watched past season of the mole and enjoyed it until it went off the air for a couple of years, I don't think it's as popular, but I will tape it tonight and see if it grabs me. We watch our taped shows on the weekends only. No TV during the week, at least not for me, Mark he's another story...

I always envied night people for there ability to stay up late with energy and get stuff done. Me, I have that same energy in the morning. It takes all kinds huh? Alright I've talked your ear off for now. Have a great day! I really enjoy your blog, its real people doing real things... Ü