Philippians 3:12-14 (The Message Bible)

I'm not saying that I have this all together, that I have it made. But I am well on my way, reaching out for Christ, who has so wondrously reached out for me. Friends, don't get me wrong: By no means do I count myself an expert in all of this, but I've got my eye on the goal, where God is beckoning us onward—to Jesus. I'm off and running, and I'm not turning back.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Howdy! :)

Well, hello there! :) Today is December 28, 2012 and I'm enjoying a lazy, relaxing day at home in my pajamas doing Bible Study and drinking coffee and catching up on old blogs. Something I haven't done in months/years. I am remembering again why I loved blogging so much. I'm thinking I will take it up again..even if just for a while.  I've always been somewhat of a 'writer'...loving to put my thoughts down on paper and I've missed doing it. I still journal to my kids and lately I've begun a prayer journal, but there is something about sitting down at my keyboard and just letting my fingers peck away...that is liberating! :)
Since this is my "fitness" blog, I will update you on my current situation: I am still coaching for Beachbody but literally putting zero work into it. I'm sure this is NOT how the business was intended...but since I don't want to quit and I'm still making a decent income from them on a weekly basis, I just let it be and enjoy the checks every Thursday. Maybe someday I will pick it up seriously again...but not for now. Of course, I am always here should anyone need to ask me anything or want some advise or encouragement, but I am not acting as "salesman" currently. :)
I am also still instructing fitness classes at my own business Cross Training Fitness inside of a local martial arts studio. I have cut back to 4 classes per week and I think that is going to suit my life much more comfortably than the 5-6 I was doing previously. This continues to be a source of joy and good income for me, so I can't seem to just walk away from it. (even though I constantly struggle with being too busy and consider letting it go...)
If you remember me saying a while back that I was going to be "let go" from my job with the doctors office...well, I just talked to my boss last week and he informed me that their plans of switching to a new system are CANCELLED and that I will infinitely have my job! :) --or at least until he retires in 15 years. Hallelujah! That is WONDERFUL news! :)
Oh ya...I was talking about fitness.  So...if you must weight is up.  Not horribly, but definitely not at my comfortable 130.  I actually haven't weighed in about a month...but the last time I stepped on the scale it was 140.2.  It would be great to get this 10 pounds off and I'm not giving up on it...but if I don't, its not the end of the world.  Now when bikini season gets here...I may say differently! ha ha 
I found some fabulous new jeans at Maurices that are only $29.99 and fit me like a very soft, comfty, stretchy glove and that is enabling me to be much more okay with my 140 frame. :)  Hey...whatever works.
I will not allow myself to grow any bigger however. This is the limit!
For the month of December I have taken "off" from my classes and have been doing at-home workouts of all sorts. Matt has a new program called Body Beast that we enjoy doing together.  Last night I learned a new TurboKick round for my upcoming session and then I did TurboFire Upper20 and Abs10.  It was a great workout and it's nice not having to think so much (as compared to when I'm teaching.)
I'm certainly less disciplined and less dedicated than I have been in the past to my health and fitness, yet I am still within a reasonable weight, still have my guns and still get my heart pumping. I'm still working out anywhere from 2-5 times a week and eating it's all good.  Of course...Jan 1st is right around the corner and with that comes some (inside my head) promises to do a little bit better and to get back to some of the more healthy habits I've let slip. :)

Okay friends, I don't want to overload you on my first day back! Talk to you (or myself!?) again soon!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Meal Plan for week of Oct 22-28

Meal Plan                                              Week of Oct 22-Oct 28

Monday-     Workout: Body Beast with Matt; Total Body Class
Breakfast-        (me) Guiltless Egg Sandwich
                        (them) Biscuits with scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon bits
Early Lunch-     Grilled Chicken & Baked sweet potato, salad
Snack-             Fresh Veggies & 1 T. Ranch (me and kids)
Dinner- (me after class) Shakeology and PB Rice Cake
                        (them before class) Grilled chicken, baby carrots, sneaky mashed potatoes

Tuesday-     Workout: TurboKick
Breakfast-        Oatmeal w/ fresh berries and walnuts
Snack-             Banana & 8 whole natural almonds
Lunch-             Shakeology
Snack-             Apple & String Cheese (me and kids)
Dinner- Eat Out (date night)

Wednesday-Workout with Matt-Body Beast, Insanity for Cardio
Breakfast-        Veggie omlet w/ lt. WW toast
Snack-             Shakeology
Lunch-             Baked fish and steamed broccoli
Snack-             (Kids) Pizza from Kum-N-Go, (Me) Turkey Lettuce Wrap
Dinner- Chicken Quesadillas
Dessert-           Greek Yogurt

Thursday-  Workout: TurboKick and Total Body Class
Breakfast-        Oatmeal w/ fresh berries and walnuts
Snack-             PB Celery Boats
Lunch-             Grilled Pork Chops and Baked Sweet Potato Fries, salad
Dinner- Grilled Pork Chops and mixed veggies, pasta
Dessert-           Shakeology (after class)

Friday-      Workout with Matt: Body Beast
Breakfast-        Breakfast Sandwich
Snack-             Shakeology
Lunch-             Banana and protein bar (during hair appointment)
Early Dinner-    Crock Pot Chicken, mixed veggies
                        (going to Rhema for Harvest Carnival)

Saturday-   Workout: Hallo-Turbo-Glow-Ween Party!
Breakfast-        Banana & PB toast
Snack-             Fresh Veggies w/ Ranch
Lunch-             Tuna and salad greens, broccoli soup
Snack-             Shakeology
Dinner- Snacks at Party (??)

Sunday-      Rest Day or Yoga
                        Turkey Veggie Lasagna, salad, garlic bread, corn on cob, banana pudding

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Get-Fit Meal Plan-Week 1

Hey friends! Woah..I'm posting on my blog! CrAzY! ha ha (it's been a while)
Anyway, here are the meals I will be eating this week (Aug. 20-24) straight from the Get-Fit Meal Plan. I also plan to get in a one-hour workout at least 5-6 days this week and expect to see a 2 lb. weight loss by next Monday! :) Feel free to copy me!

B: Cheese & Veggie Scramble with 1 slice light WW toast
S: PB & Rice Cake
L: Tuna Salad
S: Apple and Light String Cheese
D: Stuffed Green Peppers and Wild Rice

B: Kashi cereal, skim milk & berries
S: Chocolate Shakeology
L: Mandarin Spinach Salad
S: Cheese Nachos
D: Bruschetta Chicken & Roasted Veggie Pasta

B: Guiltless Egg Sandwich
S: Celery Boats
L: Chocolate Shakeology
S: Apple and string cheese
D: Left over Bruschetta Chicken

B: Oatmeal and berries
S: PB & Rice Cake
L: Turkey Avocado Lettuce Wrap
S: Cucumber & Carrots with 1 T. light ranch
D: Crispy Oven-Baked Chicken & Sweet Potato Fries

B: Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich
S: Banana Walnut Snack
L: Reeses PB Shakeology
S: Cheese Nachos
D: Left over Crispy Chicken (or eat out)

Dessert for the week: Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits
I will mix up 5 one-half cup servings of yogurt with berries and allow myself one per evening.

This meal plan is 1,500 calories per day. Of course, at dinner, you have to know what size your portions are supposed to be. I have listed that in the meal plan for you next to the nutritional information. :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

So, I'm sitting in a hospital room where I've been for about 7 hours now...and the lack-of-busyness is getting to me. My father in law had a bad accident at work yesterday and we came to visit him. I've done everything I can think of to keep me and the kids busy and I've run out of ideas. Thankfully Brooklyn had brought the laptop, so here I am, writing to you all!! (by the way, although my FIL is banged up pretty bad, he is going to be okay!)
So, in 2 days Brooklyn and I will board a plane and head to Panama for 15 days on a mission trip! I can hardly believe it's actually's FOR REAL! I'm excited but spazzing out just a little because I don't feel completely prepared.  I'm hoping to get all packed tomorrow so that we can enjoy our last day at home relaxing with Matt & Grant and then we'll be off!
One of the girls that is on my mission team asked me if I would run with her while we are in Panama. I told her I'm not much of a runner (which is a gross understatement-ha ha) but that I would try.  She said maybe I can teach her some strength moves too! :) I think (HOPE!) we are going to have access to a gym while we are there, but if not, I know plenty of body-weight moves to keep us busy and burning calories. :)

More than the exercise, I'm wondering what in the WORLD we will be eating while we are there. I know we will be eating PB&J every day for lunch (we have to bring it with us!) but not sure about the rest.  It would be super awesome if I accidentally lost a few pounds during the trip! :) Not that I'm admitting that I've gained some....;-)

Obviously, more than ANYTHING, I'm excited to see what God is going to do in and through us during this time of ministry! I'm super stoked to meet one of my favorite authors and inspirations, Dannah Gresh (the Secret Keeper Girl lady).  If you're reading this anytime before July 16th, I'd love to have a prayer from you!

As for what's new with us in the workout world...we just got the newest Beachbody program called Body Beast! I'm excited to see how "bulked up" Matt can get when he has a specific program to follow and food to eat, supplements to take! Hopefully I can get him to let me take some before/after pix and I'll try to chronicle his journey on here for everyone! He'd like to add about 20 pounds of muscle and I think he can do it. He's got the right body type for it, that's for sure!

As for me, when I get back from the trip, I will be teaching TurboKick 3x a week for the rest of the month and then I will begin a new fall schedule with my classes...which I haven't figure out yet. I've been working on a new program myself called Brazil Butt Lift which I am LOVING (and hurting majorly from!) I took some before pix...but we'll see if I ever show them to anyone! I guess it depends on the results! ha ha

Okay, the kids are about to be bouncing off the WALLS and going I am going to close this for now and go take them to walk around or something! I would love to get a comment from someone....anyone! :) ha ha
Love you all!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Too Much of a Good Thing...?

My good friend, Kate, mentioned the other day that she's trying to get to the healthiest version of herself and she's doing it NOW. To do that, she did a "makeover" of her kitchen and got rid of any "bad list" foods...of which she didn't have much to toss. Yay! So...why is she not dropping the unwanted last few pounds? Her answer...I eat too much...even if it is all good stuff.

Hmm....that got me to thinking...could it be that we can actually over eat and not be able to lose weight when ALL we eat is fresh produce, lean protein, good carbs and the right types of fiber, fat, etc. ???
I think she's onto something here...something I am probably struggling with myself. Compared to most Americans, I eat an extremely healthy diet. However, I have this subconscious desire to feel "full" before I leave the table. Even though one of my favorite motto's is "Eat before you're hungry and quit before you're full"...I'm often a hypocrite and don't even heed my own very wise advise. :(
There's just something about eating 4 helpings of steamed veggies that doesn't give me near the guilt that eating 4 helpings of french fries would. And rightly so. Still...veggies or fries...they both contain calories. And we all know, too many calories equal weight gain.

Now coming from a girl who used to try desperately to stay "skinny" by eating Twizzlers and a diet Coke for lunch...I can't say enough about how important I think WHERE your calories come from makes a HUGE difference in your health...because believe me..the calories from the veggies are INSANELY different than the ones from the fries....but still...too many is too many. And too many = no weight loss.

Well...that's something to chew on! I'm in the process of cutting back on some other "good things" in my life right now (like Beachbody coaching and Facebook to name a couple)...why not cut back a bit on the (good) foods that I'm eating, leave the table a little less-than full, and see if those pesky 10 pounds find their way OFF my body! :)

Now...if only I'll actually do it....ugh.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Checking in!

Well..........first of all, let me get the most important business out of the way.......HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! One of my favorite "holiday's" because I love LOVE. :) I love God's love the most....and wow, how very thankful I am that HE first loved me!! Plus, I have so many wonderful people in my life that I super-dooper love!! I show that love and appreciation every day...but today is my chance to do something even more special! (which I love!) :)

I'll be starting out the day making heart-shaped chocolate chip pancakes for the kids and hubby!
Next it's off to my TurboKick class where we are doing a THROWBACK TO THE 80's today! I can't believe I'm really doing this...but yes, I am wearing a full body leotard to class!!! OMG! I had envisioned looking funky and adorable...instead it looks REEE DICK YOU LUSS! oh will make people smile and laugh..and I'm ALL about bring it on! :)

The rest of the afternoon will be spent running back and forth between my children's schools trying to pull off Valentine Party's in 2 places at one time! Both of the parties are from 2-3 and I'm homeroom mom for them, I'm going to do my best to split myself evenly. Yikes!

After that...hubby is in charge! I'm hoping he's got some sort of date up his sleeve...but if not, I will probably just cook dinner and watch Biggest Loser...which isn't all that bad considering that is one of my favorite things to do! :) I hope you have a GREAT day and feel lots of LOVE! It drives me nuts at how many people protest against Valentines Day claiming "I don't need a special day to tell me to love on my family, I can do it any and every day."
Well SURE YOU CAN...but do you? No love haters better cross ME today! I will smear kisses all over them, smother them with hugs and DROWN them in my love! ha ha ha

Okay but for real...about P90X2....(because the only reason I thought to post today is because of your question sweetpea!)....we are not doing it "as planned" but we are still doing it. Since I teach weight-lifting 2-3 times a week, we are doing the workouts a little different but still doing them and loving them! The latest one PAP Upper left me extremely sore and now I'm using a lot of the moves in my classes so I can spread the fun amongst all my students. :) bwah ha ha ha! (insert evil laugh)

Recipes are still several a week. Matt did tell me to take a break for a week because he was tired of trying something new EVERY. SINGLE. last week I made all the (fattening) comfort foods he loves like lasagna and chocolate cake and chicken pot pie. I felt like a blimp by Saturday. Could NOT WAIT to get back to my P90X2 nutrition guide!!! I've also been using some of the recipes from Chalene's PUSH book and LOVING them as well!

So...that's what's new with me! How about you? :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Where are we now? P90X2

Hey there! Thinking posting everyday is a bit much.......thought maybe a post or two at the beginning of each new phase will suffice. :)
We are about to start Phase 2 in the next week...the STRENGTH phase! Looking forward to checking out the new workouts!
The food has still been going great! The only recipe we didn't love was the Easy Jerk Chicken and that's only because it was HOTTTTTTTT!!!!! Oh my! 2 TBS. of Red Ground Cayenne Pepper was TOO much! Next time, I'll use about 1 tsp. instead!

I'm excited to be adding a new fitness class to my schedule this week. Starting on Tuesday, I will begin instructing a Low-Impact Circuit class right after my TurboKick class. It will be a great class for beginner's, older adults or for anyone who is nursing a knee, foot or ankle injury. I am very excited about this! I think this may be the missing link to the success I've been hoping for in our town. There needed to be an in-between class to get people conditioned for the high-impact cardio classes I do. :)

My Push Book reading is going AMAZING! I had to put it on hold for about a week while I took the time to purchase and set up a new phone. My Blackberry just wasn't going to cut it ...and coincidently, I set it down on the counter where I was thawing some shrimp and it got wet and quit working. So...Android is the new thing for me. :) I'm using Taskos to set up my To-Do lists and loving it. Today I did Day 16 and WOW! It was SO eye opening! I had no IDEA.....(you'll just have to get the book to see what I'm talking about! :)

If you hadn't heard, my daughter and I are going on a 2 week long mission trip to Panama this summer. We have been busy doing any kind of fundraiser we can think of to raise the money for our trip. It is quite expensive as we will be there for 15 days and will require a flight to Miami as well as international flights! God has been providing the money as we need it...and we are nearly half way to the $6,000 that we need to raise. Yay! If any of you want to contribute, we would be SO GRATEFUL!

Okay, that's it for now! Love you all! Hope you're off to a great start to achieving and living out your goals!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

P90X2-Day 4-8

Hey guys! Sorry it's been a couple of days without a post...but we were out of town bringing in the new year and celebrating Christmas with Matt's family so I didn't have access to a computer.
Never fear though...we have still been BRINGING IT with our workouts! :)
Thursday was Total Body and WOW!!! I have NEVER in my LIFE been so sore from any workout EVER! As a matter of fact, I am typing this on Tuesday morning and I am still not fully recovered! In the Total Body workout (which definitely lives up to its name), you do 4-direction pull ups. One "direction" is wide grip. Well, apparently I've never really pushed myself there before because I was sore in a place and way that I've never experienced. I couldn't even bear to sleep on my side for 2 nights because I hurt so bad! I was forced to take some anti-inflammatory just to be able to function! Seriously! No matter....I can't wait to do it again! Ha ha (the sign of a true workout addict!)
Friday was YOGA! I was determined that I WAS going to do it despite my complete dislike of the original P90X yoga. As promised, the workout is nearly 30 minutes shorter than the original...but STILL....looong! However, I powered through it in the floor of our hotel room! Hooray!
Saturday was supposed to be Balance & Power but we had family gatherings and parties all day long and could not get to it.
Sunday was rest and recovery, and again, we opted for "rest" since we were out of town and had lots of lunches and family celebrations to go to.
In order to get back on schedule , we decided we will skip our "rest" day this yesterday we did the Balance & Power workout. It didn't seem "that hard"....but later on in the evening, we were feeling it.
The food continues to be delicious and interesting. It's a little bit "fearful" to me to make all these new things that I'm not sure how to cook and what they are going to turn out like, but so far, nothing has been yucky. I've decided to try every recipe in the book and make notes next to it how we liked it. :)

We are waiting one more week (until day 14) to weigh in.....just to give our bodies a chance to catch up and really register the changes we've been making. I'm optimistic! :)

Today will be my first day back to teaching fitness classes (and doing P90X2). I hope I can teach a killer TurboKick workout this morning AND be able to have energy left over for P90X2 Core tonight!