Philippians 3:12-14 (The Message Bible)

I'm not saying that I have this all together, that I have it made. But I am well on my way, reaching out for Christ, who has so wondrously reached out for me. Friends, don't get me wrong: By no means do I count myself an expert in all of this, but I've got my eye on the goal, where God is beckoning us onward—to Jesus. I'm off and running, and I'm not turning back.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Still doing it...

Just a quick update to let you all know that I am still "pushing play" on Insanity every day. It's been a bit of a struggle this week (sooo busy) and next week is going to be WAY worse because I am working at the kid's school almost every day in addition to having softball/baseball games almost every night. Then the next week is Grant's birthday and Brooklyn's "Student of the Month" luncheon/festivities at school.
On top of that crazy schedule, I have poison ivy on my right arm and the INSANE amounts of sweat I produce during Insanity (in a house that is around 80 degrees b/c we refuse to turn the A/C on yet) makes the rash WAY itchier. Basically I'd like to claw my arm off after about 5 minutes. Ugh!
I had a great workout at the gym Tuesday with my peeps! They got new weights (yay!) but silly me...rather than loading up my bar with what I normally use, I decided to just grab a bar that someone had already loaded up and left laying there. It was 35 pounds total, which is about 5 pounds more than I usually lift on the bar. No biggie right? WRONG! When doing about 100 bicep curls that was TOO much weight...I was struggling big time...but I just did as many as I could, rested for a second and then hopped back in. It felt G.R.E.A.T!!! to be lifting again and feeling that intense BURN in my muscles!
As much as I am INFATUATED with Insanity...I do miss my P90X strength-training workouts. I am really looking forward to getting back to them after this round of Insanity and I think by then Matt will be ready to join me again. He broke a rib about a month ago and has been in "recovery" mode since then...but he mentioned to me the other day that he's really anxious to start working out again. Woohoo! It's always so much more fun and motivating when your partner does the workouts with you!
Well guys, that's about it for now. I will weigh in on Monday and see if I've dropped any more weight. Right now I am 11 pounds from my goal. How about you? How far from your goal are you?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Insanity-16 days down, 44 to go!

Well guys, today I choose this blog over Facebook. Yes, I'm kinda feeling "over" Facebook right now. Who knows if it'll stay this way forever, but for now, I'm a blogger instead of a Facebooker.

Today I completed my 16th (almost) consequetive day of Insanity. I actually took last Saturday off because it was my 5K race day and I just couldn't fit the workout in with all the other things I had going on that day, but other than that, I've been faithful---to the WORKOUTS that is. My eating has been questionable. Eeek! (what's new, right!?!)

However, today as I got up at 6 am, threw on my tennies and sports bra and attempted to do Insanity Pure Cardio after having been awake for about 47 seconds and I really wanted to push "stop" and say forgettaboutit....I remembered WHY I am doing this. (crazy how easy it is to forget your "why")
My "Why" for doing Insanity right now is 2-fold:
1) I've been trying to lose this last 15 pounds for a couple of YEARS now and I finally set a date as my "finish line". Memorial Day. It is when we take our annual trip to our hometown to visit family as well as the official beginning of the swimming season and it is a perfect amount of time for me to be able to lose this weight (in a realistic manner).
2) Besides the fact that I spent the money to buy it and have yet to actually DO it, I also want to complete the program so that I can tell YOU ALL how awesome it is from my own experience. How can I sell something if I can't attest to its greatness in my own life?

Soooo, now I'm re-motivated to do it and do it RIGHT! (meaning get my eating in check). As of right now, I am 11 pounds from my goal weight (125). There are 5 weeks left between now and then, which is ample time to reach my goal.

There are a few major stumbling blocks in my road to success that I am going to have to figure out. One is SNO-CONES. I L.O.V.E. sno-cones and could eat them daily. And the only thing better than a sno-cone is a FREE sno-cone...and yep, our local place is selling them BOGO right now! UGH! It's like a blessed curse! ha ha I have no earthly idea how many calories are in a small sno-cone but I'm thinking it can't be good. Maybe around 200-300???? Enough to reverse the good I'm doing with all the working out. So...I'm trying to limit myself to one a WEEK and absolutely NO soda or sweetened drinks the entire week.

Another thing I need to work on is eating late. Now that we are in full softball/baseball mode, we eat at CRAZY times. We pretty much either have to eat dinner at 4:30 pm or at 8:30 pm--which neither is good. If we eat at 4:30, we're hungry again before bed. If we eat at 8:30 (or later), we go to bed with fully tummies (and usually not of the best stuff). I wish we could just do small healthy snacks all evening long, and that might be okay for me, but everyone else won't go for it. Anyway, I need to put some more thought into how I can work this out becuase we have games all the way through June 27th, so this isn't going to be ending anytime soon.

So I wonder, how are all of YOU doing? What kind of eating struggles do you have? Which is harder for you--eating healthy or getting your daily workout done?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Grace Race

Watch out Grace we come!

My good friend Lisa was the "photographer" at the 5K race I ran on Saturday so I have all kinds of pics! Yay!
This is my friend Sarah, in the pics with me. Since Grant got hurt the night before and wasn't able to run, she took his spot, last minute. I was soooo glad to have a buddy to run with. I am NOT into doing new things all by myself! Plus, it's the first time she and I have ever gotten to hang out without all of our kids with us! Girl time---YAY!

The race went GREAT and I canNOT wait to do the next one (which will be on May 15th). Maybe after that I'll THINK about a half?!?!?! I don't know...that's pretty serious. I'm not quite sure I'm THAT dedicated! haha :o)

For any of you who didn't read it on FB...the night before the race, Grant got hit in the mouth and his bottom lip split in two. He had to get 3 stitches in it. We didn't figure it would be good for him to get up early the next morning and try running so he had to miss the race. It was pretty disappointing because he's been planning and practicing on this race ever since I ran it last year. Thankfully, he should get to run with me next month at the next one. :o)

YAY!!! We're FINISHED!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Running and Biking!?!?!?!

Saturday morning, Grant and I got up and went over to our friend Rene's house to do a little practice 5K run (our real 5K is next Saturday). It was the PERFECT weather and she lives in a cute little neighborhood where the streets aren't very busy and we could enjoy a peaceful walk/run. We ended up doing about 3.3 miles and it was great--except for the fact that Grant gave up running after about 1/2 a mile! I really thought he was going to out-run ME...but he was saying "I'm so tired" "My legs hurt" "I'm hot", etc....almost immediately! I ended up carrying him on my shoulders for the last half mile or more. That doesn't make me very excited about the Grace Race next weekend...but oh well...I guess we'll just do our best and see what happens. What was a big bummer is that I am feeling really really good lately and feel like I could probably do a pretty good time--if I didn't have to wait on him. BUT....even more important to that is encouraging him and staying with I am going to try really hard not to get impatient with him at the race. :o) (maybe I'll slip a shot of espresso into his chocolate milk the morning before we start running! ha ha)
On Sunday, on a whim, Rene called me to see if I wanted to go BIKE RIDING with her! AUGH! I went...but I haven't been on a bike in YEARS and I was nervous! Plus, she and her hubby are very tall and I am wayyy I had a hard time even being able to get on their bikes...but she was able to lower the seat of her bike enough that I could at least hop up there. :o) We went down to a trail that is pretty hilly. It was so fun! We did 8 miles--and could have/would have done more but we told our husbands that we'd only be gone for around an hour so we had to stop. I am definitely putting a set of bikes on my "wish list". What a fun thing for Matt and I to do on a date instead of always sitting on our butts at the movie theatre!
Today it's back to Insanity and I'm totally looking forward to it! (in a weird, scared kind of way! ha ha)
I also told Grant that I would take him out to a trail near our house so I can run while he rides his bike I should be getting in PLENTY of exercise throughout this day! I will weigh in later on and see if I lost any weight during my first week of Insanity and then I'll let y'all know!
Keeping my fingers crossed! :o) (PLEASE scale...give me at least a 1 pound loss!!!)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Whadda you want from me?

Have you heard that song out by Adam Lambert where he says "What do you want from me?"

Well...that's what I was singing to my body today (literally) as I stood in front of the mirror waiting for the shower water to get warm. I work out as much as my body will allow me to and eat pretty healthfully--yet I see all kinds of grooooooossssss things in the mirror. It makes me very frustrated.
I know...(Rene, Lori, KC, Kate...i know what ur thinking! :o)
I should be grateful for a healthy, fit body and I have a lot to be thankful for--AND I AM...but I just wonder, what does my body want me to do before it will LET GO of all the excess blubber around my thighs, core and arms?
I watch the girls in the Insanity videos. Not one of them has the jiggly skin in those areas that I do. Maybe none of them have had kids? Maybe none of them were ever overweight? I don't know.
Not only the in the Insanity videos..but even at the gym when some of the girls (who I know are moms) take off their shirts and work out in their sports jiggle-jiggle.
I know in proper perspective, I am just being a whiny baby about non-important details...but I work so hard and it would really be nice to SOMEDAY be able to not disgust myself when I am naked in front of the mirror.
Reminds me of one of my most horrible childhood memories....I was about 11 and I went away to summer camp for a week. I was chubby and very uncoordinated and self-concious. I had no self-esteem whatsoever. When a group of kids found out that my last name was Zigler...they started calling me Jennifer Jiggler for the rest of the week. (that was around the time that Bill Cosby was promoting Jello Jigglers on TV). Anyway, maybe those things really do scar us for life because I have to admit, when I watch myself do intense workouts like Insanity in front of the mirror...I still call myself Jennifer Jiggler.
How sad, huh?
It's ridiculous. I am not that girl anymore on the inside.
Aaaaaaanyway...I really don't know why I just posted all that on here. I guess it's whats going through my mind at the moment.
In other "news" I did my Day 3 of Insanity yesterday Cardio Power & Resistance and Day 4 today Cardio Recovery in addition to teaching step class at the gym, doing a 45 minute Interval class and a quick run on the treadmill.
One thing is for the end of this 60 days of Insanity, I KNOW that I will be better than I am now! I can't wait to get finished and see (and show you) the results!
Thank you all for always encouraging me! I feel really guilty sometimes admitting that I have these sorts of thoughts about myself because I am supposed to be the coach...the one telling you not to be so self-critical and to be happy with how far you've come, etc....and then look at me...not doing it myself. ugh!
:o) I'm so crazy sometimes!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wonder what to make for dinner?

Oh my...this Island Pork Tenderloin is sooooo good. I hadn't made it in a looong time and forgot how delicious it was! My family (especially Matt) keeps asking me to make it again!
Here are the pics. To get the recipe, just enter "Island Pork Tenderloin" into the search box at the right and it should pop right up.

Island Pork Tenderloin

Even all by is amazing!
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Island Pork Tenderloin Salad

Yumm! Island pork tenderloin, baby spinach leaves, napa cabbage, red pepper, mandarin oranges, golden raisens.....Delicious!
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Insanity Day 2--i'm BEAT

So, like I mentioned in my last post, I am teaching a Boot Camp class (a LOT like the Insanity workouts) at the gym on Tuesdays now. The class before mine is Core--which is mostly weights so I do that too--to get in some weight-training.
So...after 1 1/2 hours of HARD WORK at the gym, I came home in my soaking wet clothes and attempted to do my 39 minutes of Insantiy Cardio Core & Resistance.
That was sooooo hard. If it wasn't for knowing that you guys are going to hold me accountable...I might not have done it. But I did it....taking several breaks making it more of an hour than 39 minutes...but'er done! Whew!
Now my whole body is sore and achy and I feel completely BEAT! {{Big Sigh}} pain, no gain right? I'll be thanking myself for this in a couple of months! :o)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 1---AGAIN! (but for REAL this time)

So I have decided to REALLY start Insanity today. I say "REALLY" because I've been doing the workouts here and there for a long time...but I am going to actually do it the right way this time--the whole 60 days. I feel like I start stuff all the time (never to complete it) but I figure even if I start a hundred times...that's still better than starting once and then just giving up permanently, right?!?!
Anyway, this time I am GOING to do it because you guys are all going to HOLD ME TO IT! okay?!?
Plus, I've already given my hubby permission to slap me if he sees me eating anything "naughty." The workouts aren't the hard part for me (although they are TOUGH)...but giving up my bread and dessert is what is gonna (try to) kill me (but it won't).

In other news...I posted a gazillon new pictures on my other blog today from our 12th Anniversary Get-Away, Easter and a Girls Night Out. Feel free to hop over there and check them out. I didn't do much typing with them..just the pictures with a title.

I am still teaching classes at the gym--every Tuesday bootcamp, plus whenever they need me to sub for step, interval or kickboxing. It's going well and adds a little extra money into the account.
Beachbody coaching has caught fire! Orders are coming in left and right. People are ready to get serious about fitness...and we all know...THIS is the way to do it! If you have been thinking about becoming a coach, I'm telling you right now...DO IT. This is the time to jump on the bandwagon!
Okay...that's it for now.
My workout today was Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit. It was HARRRRRRRRRRRD...and I thought I was gonna DIEEEEEE...but I didn't...and I burned 330 calories according to my HRM. That didn't seem like nearly enough to me..but that's what it said!

Feel free to eavesdrop on this conversation:

This is what happens when you buy or get P90X or any of Beachbody's workouts 2nd hand (from either a friend who copied them or from e-bay, etc.):

To me from a friend:
I cant go by the schedule you gave me b/c i dont even have half the workouts......the dvd that is working has the stretch, the abs, the cardio, the core synergenics, the shoulders, and chest and back and arms. I didnt do anything yesterday either (sunday) and that is strictly b/c i just did not have time at all, we had way too many events and i didnt get everything done that needed to i figure until i can get the 2nd dvd again from my friend, i will continue to go to my body sculpting class. So i still want to report to you but as far as doing the complete workout i am screwed on that right now.

My answer back:
About the workouts, I know money is probably the issue...but it would be SO MUCH BETTER if you could just buy the P90X yourself. If you're going to go to all the trouble or work to actually be committed to it for 90 days, it would be so much better if you had the set yourself and all the stuff that goes with it. When you buy it, you get the workout guide (a big spiral bound book), the nutrition guide, the workout calander that you cross off each day you do your workout, the workout sheets (where you write down your weights/reps for each exercise) plus all the individual DVD's in a neat little "book". It also comes with a "How to Bring It" DVD. You also get a free membership to Team Beachbody (not the free membership you already have) but the one that allows you access to EVERYTHING on the site...which is GOBS of recipes and "how-to" videos that show you how to cook the recipes as well as Trainer Tips which show you ways to do the exercises correctly, etc.
Anyway, if you can't afford it, I totally understand...but you might think about saving up to buy it for yourself. Now that you've seen what the workouts are like, you can judge if this is something you'll actually do and have good results with. (which it IS).Your plan for doing the workouts that you have and going to your body sculpt class sounds good for now, until you can get the whole set of workouts.Just try to get into a regular routine of exercising daily and eating from the nutrition guide and then when you do really start the program for your official "90 Days" you'll already have a great headstart. Listen, I understand that in the REAL WORLD...not everyone can workout for an hour+ EVERY SINGLE DAY. We have lives and we are not actors who get PAID to do this stuff and look like supermodels. I undestand needing to skip a day (like Easter) because of a jam-packed schedule. The PROBLEM is when someone skips a day and then another and then another and then the next thing you's been a week. If I had to skip a day, then I made that my "rest" day and I made up the workout on my normal "rest" day. okay, I hope some of that helps you. Holler at me ANYTIME you have any questions!!!You're doing great momma! You can only do so much and your family and your kids come FIRST. What makes me different from some other coaches is that I will push you to workout hard and be the best that you can...but I will not tell you to sacrifice your marraige or your family so that you can have a size 2 waist and enormous biceps (which a lot of other people actually do). We are on this earth first and foremost to serve God and fulfill HIS calling for our lives..then we take care of our families and our marriages...and THEN we focus some of our time/energy on looking good/being fit!:o)
Love ya!