Philippians 3:12-14 (The Message Bible)

I'm not saying that I have this all together, that I have it made. But I am well on my way, reaching out for Christ, who has so wondrously reached out for me. Friends, don't get me wrong: By no means do I count myself an expert in all of this, but I've got my eye on the goal, where God is beckoning us onward—to Jesus. I'm off and running, and I'm not turning back.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

After pics---finally!

Well, I really wanted to wait until I did a P90X marathon day and THEN take my "after" pics...but that day may NEVER here they are...
I know this is a long post...but I am showing you 3 views. First-before I ever started p90X, Next-After my 1st round of P90X and Last-Current, after my 2nd round of P90X.
So here is a front "bicep" view.

Next is the back "bicep" view.That up there was the regular back view. And below is the side view. (boy, aren't you guys glad I told you which views these were. You'd have never figured that out! ha ha) Here is one of me and Matt after finishing our 1st round of the "X" and then below it is one from last night...after taking my current "after" pictures.

Before starting P90X for the first time I weighed 147. Afterwards I was at 134. Now I am at 131. Still trying to get to 125.....

I have to say one extra thing...I do NOT owe all my success to P90X classes at the gym and my sweet Shelly (instructor) have helped tremendously...but nothing has helped me as much as YOU ALL! I am in awe of how much my body has changed over the past year! Who knew me...chubby, overweight my whole life me...could look like this?!!? I actually had a little 3rd grader ask me last Friday "Do you play sports?" and I said "no". She said "Oh, well you look like you would play sports!" I said, "I do kickboxing and weightlifting though." and she said "REALLY?? WOW!!!!!"
Does that mean I finally look athetic? YIPPEE!!
Ps. I can't help but mention....did any of you notice in those pics how the "Girls" have almost DIMINISHED completely??????? augh!!!

For Demi

Demi....I'd love to meet you in an arm wrestling'd be interesting! :) Love ya Girl!!

hanging by a thread....

As my dear friend Kate mentioned to me's like day 110 for me...and still no "after" pictures.'s like this: The only time my hubby is home and available to take pictures is when I've just eaten a huge meal and not wanting to strip down into a bikini for a photo shoot. I did happen to have a bikini on the other day after mowing the yard and laying out and being hot and super sweaty and I had Brooklyn snap a few pics. They were gross and my hair looks HIDEOUS...but....since I've kept you all waiting for soooo long, I'll show you one. As if you guys have all just been holding your breaths for this! ha ha I think part of my procrastination about putting any pics up is that you're all going to be disappointed. I know I've made some progress...but it's not nearly as stunning as many other people have...nothing like Demi's transformation! (you go girl!)
Anyway, also, here's a fun one from this weekend of me and Matt. I said "hey honey, let's both make muscles" and he said "okay" but when I downloaded the pic...this is what I got. Man, am I SO vain??? geeeeez!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

OMG! I'm so excited...

I just got up and came to my desk to check my e-mails before I begin my work for today for the dr. office and to my surprise and excitement...I had an e-mail from Gap saying that they are joining up with Athleta! Now we'll be able to use our Gap or Old Navy card to buy Athleta stuff, as well as use our Gap and Old Navy coupons (unless otherwise stated) on Athleta gear! That is GOOD NEWS for me because I am a frequent shopper at Gap and recieve gift cards, reward cards and coupons from them pretty regularly. Now I might finally be able to get that swimsuit that I've been wanting from Athleta because right now I have a $20 reward card in my purse as well as several 20% off coupons! Hooray!
Just a little disclaimer to those of you who don't know me and don't know what I'm talking about:
Athleta is an amazing brand of clothes/activewear/swimwear for ATHLETIC women--thus the name Athleta. I did a whole post about them a while back because I just love their stuff. It's designed to keep "things" in place. I've always hated a swimsuit that lets me fall out of it if I jump.
Also, I want to disclose the fact that yes, I do have a credit card to both Gap and Old Navy. I do use them regularly to rack up reward points and coupons but I have never, ever carried a balance on them. I only spend on them what I know I can repay when the bill gets there. So don't worry about me going into debt. I'm a wise shopper/spender!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Remember These?

Remember these charts I made up back on the 8th of February?? Well, here is the result!! Every day that you see crossed off in pink is a day I completed my work out! FYI: From Feb 8th till April 18th, I only missed 3 days! (that is taking into account that on Sundays I either had a "rest" day or I did StretchX). Every day you see crossed off in green is a day Matt did a work out. He started out strong in Feb., did a little less in March and basically fell off the P90X wagon in April, but ironically...he looks just as fabulous as ever. It must be all the hard, manual labor he does at work that keeps him in such great shape!

Anyway, tomorrow we have a repair man coming to fix our big flat screen TV and I thought I should probably take down my ugly charts that hang right beside it. It looks pretty tacky and technically...I'm done with this round of P90X. I'm still not taking "after" pics until day 100 (so Wednesday will be the big day (or maybe Thurs. or Fri. depending on when Matt is available)). Anyway, I hated to throw away these charts. They have kept me so accountable. I couldn't STAND to not get to cross off each day and sometimes just knowing there was going to be a blank box was enough to get me up off the couch and push play! Hey...whatever it takes right? :)

Back Row: Rene, Eric, Jeremy, Josh, David, Geoff
Second Row: Tori, Jen, Kathleen, Tracy, Tammy, Lisa
Kids: Josh, Allie, Emily, Asia, Elijah and Zoe
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Day 96 (5K day) and day 97

So....Day 96...the big day for my 5K race. As you read in my last post, I was super-dooper nervous and jittery and very worried about energy. I got up, had my coffee, oatmeal and banana. Then I did Core Synergestics...most of it anyway and then I left to meet Rene. I drank down my "magic potion" which was 2 oz. of some yummy-tasting energy shot stuff I bought the night before (yah, my secret is out). I felt pretty good and ready to go. Not heart-pounding jittery...but nervous-excited jittery. All was well---I thought. We got there, got our numbers pinned on and went to the starting line. Rene has her handy-dandy Garmin that tells us how fast we're she was going to make sure we kept at no slower than a 10-minute-mile pace--which I believe she said was 6.2. Off we went.... After about 1 minute, I was already out of breath. After about 2 minutes, I was hissing with every breath I took in. This was not looking good.... Thankfully at the 1K point, there were volunteers standing there handing us cups of water if we wanted them so I took one (mostly as an excuse to walk for a second) and gulped it down. STUPID STUPID STUPID. For the entire rest of the race..not only could I not breathe...but my stomach sloshed with EVERY step. I was the kind of person that I can't stand. I whined like a cry-baby and poor Rene--GOD BLESS HER!!--she stuck with me the whole way and cheered me on. At one point she even said "Just pretend I'm Shelly!" ha ha ha...she knows me! What was crazy was this: #1--my knee never hurt, not once, not even a teensy bit! #2--My legs never got tired. Not for a single second did I feel any kind of burn in my legs or even a lack of energy or motivation. #3--I have NEVER had so much trouble breathing in my LIFE! All I could think was "wow! I must be WAYYYYY more out of shape than I realized!!!" It was very discouraging. I couldn't stand it that I was holding Rene back. I know she was itching to take off in a full-fledged run...but the sweet thing that she is...she just kept a couple steps ahead of me (even running backwards at times) cheering me on, encouraging me and reminding me that I could do it. I seriously owe her a HUGE HUG!
Now looking back at the whole thing, I think I should have probably taken a moment or two to walk and catch my breath and regain my composure. Although I did walk a few was only for about 10 steps and then I started back up jogging and I never gave myself enough time to really recouperate. My official time was 31:13. My goal had been to do it in under 30 I didn't make it...but I'm trying hard not to let it get me too down. It's not the end of the world. I'm just mostly struggling with thoughts of me not being in that good of shape. A friend of mine who also ran passed me and hollered out, "C'mon Jen! Look at me...I'm overweight and just had a baby! You can do it!" That did help to keep my motivation up...but it really wasn't the motivation I was needing as much as a big, deep breath. All I could think of was that she is in better shape than I am--APPARENTLY!
ohhhhhhh.......(big sigh)......anyway, I am glad I finished. It did feel great to cross that finish line and hear my name announced over the speaker. In all, my averge pace was 6.15.
I can't end this post about the race without a shout-out to my buddy Lisa too...who was such a sweetheart to practice run with me a couple of times before the race. Next year though...we will definitely have to start sooner than 2 weeks before the event! ha ha
Here is a pic of our whole group that ran. Props to the kids. It was so inspiring to see them running across the finish line! (well except for the ones who BEAT ME and I didn't get to see cross it! :)

Day 97-Sunday
Totally took the day off. No working restricted eating. Will probably pay for this later...but WhatEVER!! :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Man, ya'll are a bunch of goodie-goodies!

I mean that in a good, loving kind of way. But, I have to admit...I'm surprised at how "good" you all are. Of all the supplements and energy shots (small glass--not injection) and pills there are out there, I'm really surprised that hardly any of you use any of this! Somebody is supporting GNC and DSN and all those sports nutrition stores, but I guess it's not (m)any of us.
Well, I'm gonna be honest with you all...I'm not telling what I got at the store last night to take this morning before the race. Each and everyone of you would shake your finger at me and give me the little tsk, tsk, tsk...especially my friends whose names begin with the letter "K."
Here's my lousy excuse, if you must have one:
Today (Saturday--race day) this is what I have ahead of me:
8:10 - meet my buddy Rene so we can go to race site together
9:00 - run 5K
10:00 - Drive 30+ minutes as fast as I can from the race site to the baseball field where Grant is having his first T-ball game ever.
11:00 - Drive back home, take the world's quickest shower, do hair, make up and get dressed and drive 1 3/4 hours to another town where I am hosting a baby shower for up to 50 people. Have to decorate, spread out food, arrange tables & chairs, etc.
3:00 - Host Baby Shower
5:00 - Clean up entire remains of Baby Shower
6:00 - Drive another 1 3/4 hours back home.
I don't know if you followed all that...but there's not a single 1-second break in there anywhere. I NEED ENERGY PEOPLE!
Besides that, even though I really, really wanted to get in bed early last night and get ample just wasn't gonna happen. Matt worked all night long and didn't get home until 4:30 this morning. I was up till 11 cutting up fruit for our chocolate fruit fondue for the shower and getting things prepared and I just can't sleep soundly when Matt's not home. Then I got up at 5:45 this morning so I could make a gallon of my homemade queso (complete with sauteed onions, peppers and tomatoes) and a huge bowl of guacamole. It's now 6:52 and I have just eaten my little bowl of oatmeal and a banana and I am drinking my coffee/cocoa. In about 10 minutes I am going to pop in one of the P90X dvd's and get in a warm-up work out before I leave for the race. Whew!

2 hours 6 minutes until RACE TIME
So...I definitely have the jitters. My stomach is in KNOTS and the good news is I may actually lose a pound or two from sitting on the pot all morning emptying my stomachs' contents. Anytime I get nervous, excited or anxious, this happens. I don't mind it too much since it feels great to get a flat, empty stomach out of the deal! (ha ha--gross!) I have a feeling you were all right, as I had suspected...I am going to have PLENTY of adrenaline rushing through my veins to fuel my feet through the 3.2 miles. Well peeps, it's time for me to say one final goodbye to you all before I do my first ever race. I know it's only a 5K and to you marathon runners out are probably rolling your eyes big time...but try to remember back to when you first started. Plus, by nature, I am not a this is scary.
As for my knee..I've been icing it a couple of times a day. It's still tweaky, so I just PRAY that it hold out until I finish!
Talk to you all again sometime later tonight or tomorrow! Thanks for all your support!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Give me the dirty-dirty

okay...not sure about that title. Sounds kind of weird--hip-hopish-dirty? ha ha
Anyway...what I want to know is the dirty little secrets you all have about getting an extra BOOST of energy for a specific event. I need something tomorrow morning before the race. A drink, a pill, a bar...something....that will make me feel HAPPY and EXCITED and PUMPED about running 3.2 miles. Have you seen the movie Yes Man with Jim Carrey? Well, I want to be the way he was after he drank the case of Red Bull's all night long. That part CRACKED ME UP. ha ha ha.... I'm actually a little bit like that all the time...but I just want something for tomorrow so that in case my energy IS lacking...I can get a little boost. Anyone have any suggestions?
Don't get all healthy-trainer on me here. Surely a redbull once a year never killed anyone right? Personally, I've never had one...but I'm willing to try anything that might make me feel roaring and ready to go. I promise NOT to make it a part of my every-day routine. Matt used to use this stuff from GNC called "Smash" and it was a powder you mixed into your water and it was supposed to give you an energy boost. When he would drink better get the boy to the gym and get him there QUICK because after about 20 minutes, he was ready to PUMP some IRON! Maybe I should pick up some of that..?? (it's expensive though and you have to buy a whole tub of it, I think).

Days 93, 94 and 95

Wednesday--Day 93--Got up and did CardioX. Hadn't done that one in a while and had forgotten how good of a work out it is if you really put your heart into it. Did that so I could get a good "warm up" for my 3 mile run I was about to do with a friend at the park. Did the 3 mile run at a snails pace (finished in 38 minutes!!!!!!) and then walked a mile as a cool down. HA HA if we really needed to cool down from going that slow! I could NOT believe we clocked such a slow time. I knew we weren't sprinting or anything...but I had NO idea we were doing almost 13 minute miles!! I will DEFINITELY have to pick up the pace on Saturday when I do the actual 5K. After our 4 miles walk/jog, I stopped by the gym to tan. Desperatly trying to get some color before shorts season. Anyway, as I lay in the tanning bed praying (that's my special prayer time) a thought occured to me. I should hop on the treadmill real quick when I get done and pound out a mile as fast as I can. Just one. Just to see how fast I can do it. So I get out of the tanning bed and get on the treadmill. I start out at a 6.2 just to get started. I'm inching my way up (in speed) and all of a sudden at the .30 mark my leg comes down and OOOOOOOOCH! My knee was instantly in BAD PAIN! I mean...bad. Like I wasn't sure if I was even going to be able to walk down the stairs out to the parking lot and get to my car. I hobbled along, limping and wincing---totally freaked out because I had JUST discused an hour earlier with my friend Lisa about this weeks BL episode where Laura hurts her hip and has to "sit out" for a while. I said "that would be SO devastating to me--if I was to get injured and had to stop working out." Now here I was, minutes later in this awful pain. Anyway, long story short---after a bit, the pain went away and I thought I was all better. Then later that night when I was taking the kids to their classes at church it came back--all of a sudden--and again I could hardly walk. I came home from church and took some Naproxen (prescription strength anti-inflammatory) and went to bed. When I got up Thurs. morning, it was feeling better so I went to the gym and did my normal classes (which I'll talk about in just a sec) and I felt totally fine until I got ready to walk down the stairs to the parking lot again. What I've come to figure out is that it pretty much only hurts when I walk DOWN stairs. hmmm....
Day 94-Thursday-As you just read, I went to the gym and did my 2 classes (45 min. of in-line step and 45 minutes of interval training). Cooked dinner. Here's the igredients:

Baked Flounder
1 whole fresh avacado
1 whole fresh tomato
1 whole fresh onion
1 whole fresh zucchini
1 whole fresh squash
1 whole fresh bundle of asparagus
1 whole fresh head of lettuce
1 whole fresh pkg of baby spinach
1 whole fresh cucumber
1 whole fresh lemon
1 whole wheat tortilla
A few squirts of fat-free, 0 cal spray butter
Sprinkling of Mrs. Dash

Wow! Now that is a dinner I am proud of! I mixed the avacado, onion, tomato and some lemon juice and made "guacamole dip". I toasted the wholewheat tortilla in a hot oven until crispy and cut into triangles for "chips". I diced up the zucchini, squash and onion and put into a Ziploc Steamer bag (those are AWESOME!) and steamed. I also steamed the bundle of asparagus. I chopped up the lettuce, baby spinach, a little tomato and the cucumber for a green salad. Used the rest of the lemon to squeeze over our flounder-DELICIOUS! Sprayed the veggies with a little of the butter spray and sprinkled on Mrs. Dash table blend. What a WONDERFUL, DELICOUS, HEALTHY dinner! Matt says I should be a chef! :)

Day 95-Friday-Today. It's early--8:19 am and as much as I HATE to say this...I am going to try my best to NOT work out at all today. I know some of you will roll your eyes at that statement...but I assure has become an addiction for me. I need it. I crave it. To think of not working out makes me sad. But...tomorrow is my 5K race. I know my knee needs to be rested as it is intermittantly still hurting. Also, my body could use a rest day I think. I don't even remember what it feels like to NOT be sore anymore. People will ask me, "Are you sore from Tuesday's work out?" I'm like ...umm...well...I've worked out 3 more times since then. Yes, I'm sore..but I have no idea which work out it's from. Seriously.
Anyway, I may do a few weights today..just to satisfy my "craving" but tomorrow morning before the race, I plan to get up early, eat my oatmeal and drink my coffee, do a work out (maybe core syn) and then head off to the trail. Wish me luck. I'm nervous as all get-out. I don't know why..I guess because this is the first "actual" competition I have ever been involved in--fitness related. What if I flop? What if my knee starts hurting and I have to stop? What if all my friends who think I'm such a fitness-diva pass me and I'm the last one to finish? What if I trip on something and fall? pride. It's a wicked thing.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 92

Tuesdays are just so darn fun! (and I say that with all sincerity!) I love my classes at the gym and now that we are doing this Boot Camp class on Tuesday after an hour of core on the stability ball....I am getting an unbelievable work out. I am sore in new places and my whole body aches in a wonderful weird sort of way. I had intended on doing some more working out of some sort today but time has gotten away from me. After the gym I showered, took G. to school and then did some grocery shopping. Next it was time to pick the kids up, play a little ball with G. cook dinner and then we were off to T-ball practice. Now we're back home and I've been watching a little American Idol while I do a few push ups and triceps and floor work...but nothing too strenuous. I've been hungry all day and have really tried to eat "good" but there's been a few flubs.
Breakfast-oatmeal w/ banana
lunch- 1 slice light bread w/ turkey and 10 cherry tomatoes, then a few grapes and pineapple
snack-10 almonds
dinner-1/2 a grilled chicken breast, asparagus, steamed spinach and squash, green salad
snack-baggie of celery with 1 Tbsp. natural peanut butter
dessert-1 c. strawberries
Somewhere in there was a red Starburst, 2 bites of left-over cake, 3 of Grant's potato chips and a couple bites of his turkey sandwich, a bite of mac-n-cheese to make sure it wasn't too hot for the kids, 1 bite of Brooklyn's grilled cheese to see how it tastes with Colby-Jack cheese instead of American.
See....I have good excuses for all these "flubs".... :) :) :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Days 89, 90 and yes....91

Well, it's like this. I'm not happy with how my week went last week so I'm not stopping at day 90. I'm going all the way to 100. That gives me 10 more days to "get in the best shape of my life." I did so good the prior week with my eating and then last week when the scale didn't say what I wanted it to...I unintentionally "gave up". Never, not once did I conciously give up...but bite by bite, meal by meal, I slacked off more and more until this past Sunday when I committed the crime of all crimes against my body and ate like a HOG from sun up till sun down with no reserves (and no work out either). (ham, buttery mashed potatoes, broccoli and cheese casserole, rolls, baked beans, deviled eggs and last but certainly not least ICED brownies!) Eeeeeeeeekkk!!
Saturday (Day 89) I went to the gym for my normal kickboxing, zumba and ab classes and racked up 1001 calories on my HRM.
Sunday (Day 90)--well you already heard about that.
Today (Day 91) I started back with day 1 of the program and did Chest & Back with Ab Ripper X. I'm not exactly sure what the game plan will be for the next 9 days...I just know that I am gonna Bring It every day and whatever I am left with at the end is what it is. After pictures are coming......

Friday, April 10, 2009

Girl Time

I am going to do a whole big post about this on my other blog but I thought I'd share a few pics of a special night Brooklyn and I had together last Friday night. We discovered something called "Secret Keeper Girl--8 Great Dates for Mothers and Daughters." It's doing wonders for our relationship! First a sweet pic..then a silly one!

Day 87 & 88

Thursday (yesterday) - Day 87- Began with my workouts at the gym. First 45 minutes of in-line step and then 45 minutes of pump (weight-lifting). After that I went with a friend over to the park where the 5K will be held next weekend and we ran the 3 miles as a "test run". We took our time and enjoyed each other's company instead of clocking our time which was nice for a change (for me) because I'm always competing against the clock (and the calorie counter) it seems. Plus, when you're chit-chatting with a friend..the miles pass so much more quickly!
In all, I burned 903 calories with those 3 work-outs. Eating was...well....I'm just not going there. I did good 3/4 of the day. Last night we went out for Mexican again and while I did pass up on the chips...I was still disappointed in myself when I went to bed for some of the choices I made...but hey, I think as long as I don't mess up too badly or too often, it's all good. (even though I DID have that ice cream Wednesday night! EEeek!)

Friday (today) - Day 88-I just did 45 minutes of Zumba and the Core Synergestics DVD. I burned just under 500 calories...which proves to me that I don't work as hard at home as I do at the gym-something I've always known, but I proved today. Normally in 45 minutes of Zumba, I can burn about 400+ calories, but at home, with my boys sitting on the couch watching me, I was too concerned about the choreography and how I "looked" to them and not pushing myself to work as hard. For some crazy reason, I can do zumba (dance) just fine UNLESS Matt is watching..then my feet get all "tongue-tied" and I can't get the steps right for the life of me! I guess it's kind of like when your boss is watching and you want to do your VERY best and in the process of trying so mess up. He hardly ever gets to see me do Zumba and I always think he's gonna be like "WOW!" but instead I think he is probably thinking "oh my goshhhh! -(and not in a good way).
Aaaaaaaanyway...that's my work outs for today. Now I am just going to focus on eating healthy and making up for last night. Today is the kids Walk-A-Thon at school and I am going to be there all afternoon cheering them on and keeping track of how many laps they walk. It should be fun. I love getting to be involved with anything that promotes physical fitness among our children! Have a great weekend y'all!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So...while I'm sitting here reading all your fitness blogs...this is what I'm doing!

Shame, shame, shame on me!

Day 86

GUH-LORRRRY TO GOD! Today's work out is XStretch! JUST what I needed--and in the nick of time (because I promise you, I was about ready to say scr*w it-as you could tell from my last post!) Anyway, I was truely delighted when I looked at the schedule and saw that stretching was on the agenda. Besides the fact that I am SORE from head to toe from Core on Monday and then my crazy boot camp class (etc. ) from yesterday...but I am zonked of energy and enthusiasm today and stretching felt FABULOSO!! My mood is SO MUCH BETTER now that I got out of the house for a few minutes and enjoyed the sunshine while vacumming out my car (how filthy they can get through the winter) and then after doing that hour of stretching! Sorry for the trash-talk in my last post. I was honestly just having a VERY down moment...but my girl KC picked me right up--as she always does. She is truely the "wind beneath my wings" that girl. She was my first inspiration to get up off my big booty and get my body moving--and that was 11 years ago! Of course, I've had some of my heaviest days during those 11 years...but I've also had 2 babies and we've had to keep in touch via long-distance because right when I met her and got to be best friends with her (and she got me started on working out) she moved away and no longer have we ever been able to be together face to face (other than the occasional special visit). Anyway, I have made and met MANY wonderful people through this blog...but she's still my #1 inspiration and motivation. I love ya chicky! Thanks for the pick-me-up today and for always checking in!

#@%$^@!!!!!!! read that title right...that's one long BLEEEEEEEEEP!! I'm so frustrated. I've been doing this eating thing now for 8 days. Nothing from a box...nothing from a package. Fresh, natural, organic, healthy....blah, blah, blah! On top of that, I haven't slacked any in my work outs and in fact...on top of my classes at the gym and my P90X work outs....I've added running to the mix. I have quit drinking ANYTHING but water. My pee is so clear you can't even see it in the toilet--and I pee constantly. I'm also doing just fine in the other toilet department as well. I've felt great and very energetic and enthusiastic about this whole thing.
That was UNTIL I got on the scale yesterday. It was my big day...the day I'd been waiting for! My beginning weight was 133 and I just KNEW I was going to be down to 131 or less. I FELT it. People at the gym have commented. My family has been shocked at my will power. My pants are hanging on my hips.
But what did I see when I stepped on the silver and glass peice of electronic crap I call my scale??? 134.
One flipping thirty flipping FOUR!
So...I did what I do with all my friend who struggle with this sort of thing...I gave myself a pep talk:
It's probably water weight. It's muscle mass. Maybe it's that time of the month!? You can't go by what the scale says! Hang in there---you're doing everything right. Eventually it will have to come off!
(a.k.a. a load of bull)
I'm sorry, I know my attitude SUCKS right now. It does. I admit it. I know I'm doing exactly what I tell people NOT to do. But can't a sista catch a break? I mean, what more does the stupid thing want from me? What did I ever do to it? Shoot, I am very forgiving with that thing. If it tells me the wrong thing when I first step on, I give it SEVERAL more chances to straighten up and give me the right answer. But no. It holds tight to it's first answer, refusing to budge even one dinky little ounce (even if I hop off and pee and do 100 jumping jacks--won't budge). I am beginning to loathe that thing. If I hadn't gotten on it, I'd still be feeling GREAT about myself right now and my little eating plan thingy...but because I allowed IT to dictate to me my level of success (or failure) now I have a bummed out mood and have lost all the zeal for my healthy eating plan. Somebody bring me a double decker dark choclate cake right NOW!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 85

So....Kenpo X was on the schedule today. However, I think I did plenty without doing that video. I started out with an hour of core at the gym. Next was my first ever Boot Camp class! I think our motto for that class is "we're bringin' sexy back". It was SO HARD and SO much FUN! The very last thing we did was a lap around the track. I was already pretty exhausted...but it just so happened that I was the first one to hit the I took off running at a pretty good pace. A few seconds later I could hear footsteps coming up behind me. I hollered out "You're not gonna pass me!!!" and I took OFF sprinting as fast as my legs could move. I didn't even know who was behind me but there was no way on earth I was letting ANYONE pass me! ha ha ha When I made it back to the aerobics floor, I thought it might actually be the day I upchuck my breakfast....but thankfully, I kept it down and had my pride intact as well. (gee I am getting more competative with every day!) Anyway...tonight after Grant's T-ball practice, I had Matt drop me off at the corner gas station and I ran a little under a mile down the sidewalk before he picked me back up. I had planned to run the full 3 miles at the H.S. track tonight...but they had a soccer game going when we went by, so I had to settle for running on the sidewalk that runs along the highway. oh well. Maybe tomorrow. I found a neighborhood not too far away that, if I run around the whole thing is a mile. I figure I could just make the loop 3 times and have my 3 miles in. I just wish I had someone to do it with--Matt said he doesn't like the idea of me being over there all by myself. It's kind of in a secluded area. I've never done anything like I'm really not sure...
Anyway, my eating has been excellent today...but I am REALLY craving a Skinny Cow right now. Like...I want it so bad I can practically TASTE it! I've been thinking about calling Kandy and getting "permission" first. If she says it's okay...then I know it's okay...but if she says "NO! Don't do it!!" then I definitely won't. Sometimes it just seems like I have to feed a craving or I'll never get satisfied...!!??? Probably the better thing to do is to teach my body (and mind) that it can't always have what it wants!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 84

Today was Core Synergestics. I know I say this eveytime I do that work out...but MAN! I forgot what a GREAT workout that is! Probably my favorite of all of them because it works everything! Push ups, weights, squats, abs, name it! Plus, there is no repeating of the it's always something new coming up next. Matt did it with me tonight and I was really impressed with his prison cell push ups. That is one of those ones for me that I like because it's tough....but I hate because it makes me feel like I'm gonna puke every time. As a matter of fact, I was almost certain I WAS going to puke during that work out. I ate my "snack" of 2 c. celery and 1 tbsp. of peanut butter just minutes before doing the work out and it felt like it was just hanging out in the bottom of my throat just waiting for an opportunity to come back up. Gross! (sorry, I'm sure you REALLY wanted to read THAT! :o)
Anyway, lesson learned. Don't eat immediately before cardio. (not even healthy food) Duh!!
My eating today was good although I don't know if I'm just getting weak or getting the "I don't give a rip" attitude but I did eat a few bites of my kids breakfast before I threw it in the trash. You see...Sunday morning before church I stopped and picked up some gorgeous streusal blueberry muffins to take to our Sunday School class. They are the big, soft, moist yummy kind with a crunchy, cinammony topping on top. Anyway...NO ONE ate ANY!! I was bummed that I was having to bring them back home with us seeing as how I LOVE that kind of thing and the nutrition label on the box clearly stated 380 calories PER muffin! YIKES! Anyway, I took 2 out of the box and put them on little plates and cut them up into bite-sized peices for the kids for breakfast. BUT neither of them wanted it! It about KILLED me to throw those amazing little things into the trash on their journey to the can...a few jumped off course into my mouth. I promise wasn't worth it. They were yummy, yes...but not THAT yummy! I figured by those 3 bite-sized portions, I probably had 100 calories! Grrr....

Quick "advertisement"

I don't know why I feel the need to do this...but I wanted to post a link to my other blog on here. Most of you don't know this...but I've actually had a blog now for several years. It's been my everything blog--where I talk about hubby, kids, work outs, eating, shopping, scrapbooking, friends, poop, dogs, money, name it....I've talked about it. Anyway, when I decided to start P90X, I realized it was time for another blog. One that I could dedicate entirely to fitness and healthy eating. I know that some of my family and friends aren't interested in knowing how many calories I burned or what exactly I ate for breakfast every was important for me to be able to write that all out as it helps keep me accountable. Thus...began this blog. Since starting it, I have made some of the most amazing friends ever! I can't even imagine trying to do all this working out without their (your) encouragement and inspriation!
Anyway, on the flip side of all that...I don't want you guys to think that the ONLY thing I say/do/care about is working I decided to do this post to be sure you all know that you are welcome to my other blog anytime. I realize you have plenty of things to do to keep you busy and if you're like me...don't need anything else to read to occupy your don't feel like you have to visit me there if you don't want to or don't have time...I just wanted to extend the invitation! :o)
Happy Monday to my favorite fitness-loving, muscle-building, calorie-burning, sweat-dripping, veggie-eating, Jesus-loving friends!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Days 81, 82 & 83

Friday-Day 81-Okay..I'm not gonna lie. I totally dogged my work out today. I tried, I swear I did...but I just couldn't find the strength to "Bring It" during Legs & Back. I did about 90% of it...but I only gave it about 75% effort. Shame on me, I know. All I can say in my defense is that my legs were SHOT from Thursdays' GRUELING workout at the gym and it was honestly painful trying to do squats. Not a burning kind of pain...a hurting kind of pain. But...a quitter I am I finished. I did save Ab Ripper for later though so I could have a chance to "recover" a bit. When I did it later that night I felt MUCH better and was able to really work hard during that 15 minutes. I did great on my eating and didn't cheat at ALL! YAY!

Saturday-Day 82-I got up late and didn't have time for a real breakfast before I left for the gym. (bad!bad!bad!) I'm the kinda girl who needs her breakfast...and especially right now on this eating plan thing..I'm already getting the bare minimum of calories, so I really HATED to go without eating. But...sleep got the best of me and I waited too long. I ended up having to just grab a banana and go. I was worried I was going to have a tough time, because Saturdays is by far my hardest work-out day of the week. But...surprisingly...I felt great! I did my hour of kickboxing, 45 minutes of Zumba and then 15 min. of abs. After that I hopped on the treadmill for a short (but fast) run. I did half a mile in 4 minutes. I had ran a half a mile earlier (between kickboxing and zumba) so I got in a full mile total. I wish I could find the time to run the whole 3 miles sometime all at once...the 5K is right around the corner now and I have YET to do the whole 3 miles since I signed up for it! Anyway, I burned 1043 calories during those 2:16. YAY!
Eating was going pretty good all day long until that evening when we went to my parents house for dinner. My mom had made pot roast with steamed broccoli, corn and crescent rolls. I had 1 small slice of roast, a few carrots, 1 bite of potato, a HUGE serving of the broccoli and NO crescent rolls! Then afterwards, she had made this beautiful strawberry cream cheese dessert thing and I resisted!!! HOORAY! Matt was shocked that I didn't have any! I came home and ate my 1 cup of mixed berries instead!!

Sunday-Day 83-Rest Day! HA HA I guess it is a "rest day" in the sense that I didn't do a work out...but we definitely kept busy. We left the house at 8:10 am for church and didn't get home until almost 9 pm after evening service! After church and sunday school, we went out to eat at a mexican resturant. I knew this was going to be the ULTIMATE test for me. Chips and salsa/queso is one of my TOP 5 favorite foods--if not the #1 and I have never passed up on them. This particular place we went actually gives out FREE queso. And if you know me..that's a DOUBLE WHAMMY because I really, really can't resist anything that is FREE!
But I did it!
NO chips for me!!! (during the appetizer portion of the meal)
I ordered the closest thing on the menu to my "scheduled meal" which turned out to be Chicken Monterey. Chicken breast with onions and peppers and swiss cheese on top. It was supposed to be served with rice and beans...but I had them substitute fresh steamed veggies instead. I ended up eating THREE chips with my dinner. Dumb. I shouldn't have even had I could really be super proud...but I used a couple of the chips to scoop up my veggies and my onions and peppers and then just popped it in my mouth. next big victory was when they brought out the FREE sopapillas!!! AUGH....somebody just shoot me now! What torture! But again...I was strong and told the waiter I didn't want mine. Now Matt was really shocked!! He said "I know you're REALLY serious about this if you're turning down chips and queso AND the sopapillas!" Yep..he's right. This is the REAL DEAL this time.
Later , I did do a mini-flub and eat a couple spoonfuls of my mom's strawberry dessert but I refuse to feel bad about it. I didn't have but a few small bites and I had done good all weekend. I also didn't have dinner so I figured my calories were still going to be fine.
In was one of the best weekends (eating-wise) I have EVER had. I can't believe I did it...but thanks to my hubby being supportive, I was able to keep the temptations at bay! YAY!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 80

Ohhhh...Thursday's. One of my favorite days of the week. I always know I'm gonna get a maximum work out at the gym but today was extra-butt-kickin' because Shelley taught 2 classes in a row! First was 45 min of step/cardio and next was 45 min of interval/insanity! My quads were on FIRE today! She loves to do the "paper plates" (where you put one foot on a paper plate, bend the other leg and slide your foot with the plate in and out (like you're skiing sort of)). It wouldn't be so bad if we did like 8 reps...but we do like 50 on each leg! I tried to tell her I'm on a diet and didn't need a plate today but she didn't buy it! ha ha
Anyway, after those 2 classes, I hopped on the treadmill for a quick 1-mile run. I knew my energy was near depletion and I would really be "pushing it" to try to do much more than 1 mile...but I just HAD to get some running practice in while I was there. (the 5k is only 15 days away!) I burned 873 calories while I was there. Given that I'm only eating 1100 calories per day this week...I have a strong feeling I should be seeing a loss on the scale next Tuesday--although I am also seeing a decrease in my I think I am going to add an extra 100 calorie snack somewhere in the day to bring me up to 1200--maybe a handful of almonds or something.
Anyhow, tonight is the coordinator meeting for VBS at our church. I am the PR Coordinator. We are supposed to bring finger foods and I am bringing homemade oatmeal raisin cookies. I'm not sure what my strategy is going to be just yet...but I will NOT be sampling any of the food there. Maybe I'll keep a stick of gum in my mouth..that always does the trick. Wish me luck!
oh..gotta go...I hear my the oven beeping to let me know the cookies are done!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 79

Wow, I can't believe I'm only on day 2 of this fat-loss diet thing. I already feel like I've shrunk (yeah!) but...I'm not looking forward to eating the exact same thing all day today as I've eaten for the past 2 days...but...I'm sticking with it nonetheless because I can FEEL that it is working. I can't WAIT till next Tuesday when I get on the scale and see how much weight I've dropped! If I'm in the 120''ll probably hear my screams of joy all the way at your house! I am not going to get my hopes up too high for that I would have to lose 4.4 pounds (just exactly the same as you Kandy!) in order to be at we'll see.
Anyway, today's work out was Back & Biceps with Ab Ripper X. I pushed myself beyond the norm and used 15's for at least the beginning of all the sets. Occasionally I had to drop down to 10's (like in the strip set curls and the one arm concentration curls) but I started with 15's and did as many as I could with that heavier weight before I switched over (so I could get more reps in). Matt said he can tell I have definitely taken my workouts and my eating to a whole new level --and he's right. What a BIG compliment that is coming from him! If all goes 90 days pics will really be obvious! I can't believe I only have 11 more days to go!'s bitter sweet!
I was going to post my food for the day again...but it is exactly the same as yesterday except I did NOT have a protien bar and extra banana and I DID have my 1 c. mixed berries after dinner.