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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

She's breaking my HEART

Last night as Matt and I began our work out, Brooklyn was bored as usual and she decided to use my lap top to put a new post on her blog. She wanted me to read it...but of course, I was in the middle of about a million push ups and couldn't just hop up and read something. Also as usual...after the work out I got busy with showering and dinner and everything else and forgot all about it. This morning I saw her link on my sidebar and thought I'd click over and see what she'd typed. It about broke my heart. I HATE it that my kids are growing up DESPISING our work outs. Something has to be done about this. I started out this whole eating heathy/working out thing so that they would have a good example and follow after us...but at this rate...she's probably going to do everything she can to stay far, far away from it all.
I'm sure there are hundreds of kids out there who have to "sit and wait" while their parents do at-home work outs like P90X. I wonder what everyone elses kids do...??? Any suggestions. I need to find a way to make that hour and fifteen minutes a FUN time for them and not the time that they dread each day.


Anonymous said...

Its really hard to find the time with life and kids pulling at me as I try and find to workout. In fact I quit P90X twice because of that reason. Now my wife is becoming more tolerant of my 45-60 minutes a day cause as soon as I am done I entertain the kids so everyone gets a break and time with us. Sometimes when I feel really froggy, I have my oldest jump on my back and do a round of pushups. Other times, my youngest lays on the floor beneath me, once again, for a round of pushups. Hopefully you guys can find a middle ground with your workouts so everyone gets time and attention.

Miss Got Wings said...

can you workout during the day when they are in school?

KC said...

This is where the "balance" has to come into play. Somehow you have to find a balance between "family time" and "workout time". Can you do your workouts after the kids are in bed, before they get up, or while they are at school? Or can you find something "special" for them to do while you are working out?

Or get her involved?! If she is doing the work out with you, she might actually enjoy that "time" with you and Matt. I know that can be hard sometimes, when they are underfoot, and there is probably a lot of stuff she couldn't do, but I'm sure she would have fun trying. I know my boys love working out with me, or trying to anyway. They eventually get bored though, and go to their play room to play. :)

Christina said...

Wow... I think you hit a nerve because my heart is aching right now. I know this has been hard on our kiddos as well. Every time we work out "something" always happens so we have to stop and give them all our attention and then when we finish Tommy asks "you all done?" I say "yes" and then he cheers "YAAAAY!" I told them last night we only have a few more days left and they got so excited and then I told them we were doing it again and their mood quickly changed. We did order the kids workout video with Tony and told them it was on the way and when we get it, we'll all exercise as a family. Hopefully they'll like that. It is all about finding balance and if it wasn't working out, something else would be taking a bit of time away with the kids. Prioritize and make time to really connect with the kiddos and everything will work out.

Tyler Roberts said...

This is exactly why I decided to do my P90X workouts at 5:30 am. I just wasn't willing to workout in the evenings (after work) and cut into 'family time' with my wife and kids.

Initially it was hard getting up that early, but within a few days it wasn't a big deal at all.

Good luck.

Single Mom in the Suburbs said...

I know exactly what you mean! I workout 3 nights a week with a personal trainer and even though it's only 1.5 hrs, my daughter hates that I'm away from her during that time. Once school is over, I'm switching to early mornings before the kids wake up, so I'll have more time for them. Fortunately my children don't hate exercise - they just don't like the time apart, so I try to involve them as much as I can.

I'll pray for you and your daughter! You are ultimately doing the best thing you can by giving her a positive example of a strong, empowered woman who not only takes care of her family, but takes time to take care of herself too!

Rene Holcomb said...

Hey Jen, it seems like you & your husband like to do the tapes together so obviously with work, that either means evenings or mornings(ugh I know). It might be worth a try though to move it to the mornings if its causing that much conflict in the evenings. When I was working, Dan & I both went to the gym after work & put T in the nursery there.But when I quit working (and I could workout during the day), he moved his workouts to BEFORE work, instead of AFTER. So that he could have family time with us in the evenings. It took a few weeks to get adjusted, and our friends make fun of us, because as a result we have REALLY early bedtimes(our whole house is usually sound asleep by 9pm-we typically get into bed ourselves by 8!)but that is because my husband leaves the house at 4:30am to go work out before heading to the office. So we all get our sleep-just earlier than most folks-,we get our workouts, AND we get family time in the evenings. You might give it a try, it couldn't hurt-unless u hit the snooze too hard ha ha.