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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Make a profit as a Beachbody Coach

I had a request to explain how to make a profit as a Beachbody Coach..and I'm glad you asked (Kelly) because that is a great question that I've failed to really explain on here.

The moment that you sign up to become a coach, you can start earning money. With every sale you make, you earn 25% of that sale. So for instance, let's say you sign up and then your friend wants to purchase P90X. You would earn $30 and get a check that week in the mail. So...that is one way to earn finding the people who are looking for help with getting fit and healthy (just about EVERYONE these days) and setting them up with a fitness program (which comes with a nutrition guide) as well as suggesting Shakelogy to them for their nutrition. Once they make a purchase, you get a check!

Secondly, (and the possibilities here just NEVER end!) you are also on the lookout for other people who would like to benefit financially through this opportunity. Once you get 2 coaches to sign up beneath you, you become an EMERALD coach and the awesome thing about that is then Beachbody starts GIVING you customers! Yes, at that point, anytime someone calls in from the infomercial or goes onto the website and purchases any program or supplement, they get assigned a coach and BOOM! You start getting customers left and right that you didn't even have to "work" for! (this is the level I am currently at!) Everytime these people buy anything, you make 25% of the sale!!!

As you continue to add coaches beneath you, and they add coaches beneath them, the financial possibilities increase at rapid rates! You advance from Emerald to Ruby to Diamond (and so on).

Something that I didn't realize until my coaches helped me, is that there are ways to get yourself to Emerald very quickly (I did it in a week!) and then you can start getting those "free" customers right off the bat and start earning money that you didn't work for. Of course, in order to maintain those customers and be a helpful coach that will will want to maintain contact with your customers and encourage them as well as help answer their questions. This is what the "work" is. (Not too shabby! :)

Another thing that I've been clueless about, but am getting started with, is having Beachbody home parties and hosting a Fit Club event. A home party is basically like any home party you've been to. You have samples available (Recovery Drink, Shakeology, protien bars) and even have a sampling of the DVD's playing so they can see what the workouts look like. You can explain a bit about the company, the programs, the nutritional supplements and the coaching opportunity.
For the Fit Club event, you want to find a church gym or hotel meeting room, etc. where you can host an actual work out using one of the cardio-based DVD's (Insanity, TurboFire, P90X Plyometrics, etc.) You don't charge the people for this, but you do give them the opportunity to try out a workout and see how awesome they are (or a sample of Shakeology or Recovery Drink) and you can hand them a business card and show them how they can go to your website to order the program for themselves.

So as you can see, there are numerous ways to make money by being a coach! (and I've only listed out a few). If you want more info, just let me know!

**SUPER IMPORTANT DETAIL: If you just took the time to read all of this and have decided to become a coach, PLEASE respect me and the information I've given you by becoming a coach on MY TEAM! :) Besides the fact that I would love you have you join will be joining Team Wildfire, which is a large group of very succesful, enthusiastic coaches who will tutor and train you every single step of the way and remain in constant contact with you so that you can be succesful! (not to mention we are headed up by a husband and wife team who know Tony Horton personally and have been in magazines and infomercials!) In order for you to join our team, I first have to be your coach. Then you can click "Be a Coach" and you will get to join my team!
**FYI: If you've ever purchased anything from Beachbody before, then you have been assigned a coach, but a quick call to Beachbody Customer Relations can get you switched over so that I am your coach (onetoughgirl). Just holler if you have any questions!

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Kelly said...

Thank you so much for this!! Your the best and love your enthusiasm :)I'll definitely be signing up to be a coach soon!