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Friday, January 14, 2011

Insanity meets Zumba=TurboFire

So...many of you have been asking...what is TurboFire! Well......let me tell you!!!! :)

It is SO FUN! It is not quite as challenging as Insanity and not quite as dancy as Zumba...but the perfect combination of both! So far, I've only come across one person who didn't LOVE it (and I won't mention who THAT was!!! ;)

Things I LOVE about it:
1) It really does feel like you're in a group fitness class! So many people tell me that they wish they could do an at-home workout program but that they just can't stay motivated at home and that they do so much better in a group setting. And you know what??????? I totally get that! I completely agree!! Why do you think that even though I am a Beachbody coach and have all these awesome home-programs...that I STILL go to the gym 2-3 times a week?? Because I LOOOOOVE people and I LOVE the group setting. I love the energy you get from your neighbor and how watching them push hard and kick high makes me go even harder and challenge myself even more. I love the fun, modern music and hearing the instructor yell at us to SQUAT LOWER or GO FASTER or KICK HIGHER!! That completely floats my boat. And for the first time ever, I get that same feeling at home...with these workouts! But now I don't HAVE to go to the gym and workout at a specific time slot to get that...I can do it whenever I want!

2) It works you HARD...but not so hard that you puke and feel like you have to crawl for the rest of the day. Basically the workouts (that I've done so far) are set up to be a steady-rate cardio class...until you hear the sound of the "Fire Drill"...when the "Fire alarm" goes do a 1-minute all-out (highest level of intensity humanly possible) drill. Basically during these fire drills, you should push yourself as if you were being chased by someone with a chainsaw threatening to cut your head off! But...that's only for ONE MINUTE and then you get a whole one minute recovery period to get your heart rate back under control and get going again.

3) You don't have to spend an hour+ exercising every day! Nope, it's like the best of both worlds...the workouts are shorter, but with the way they're set up (interval training) you get 9x more out of them than a regular steady-state cardio class!

4) They're instructed by a woman! If you haven't "met" Chalean yet...omg! Be prepared to fall in love! ha ha...that sounds weird, but besides being SO toned and beautiful...she is SO down to earth. She is the REAL DEAL--a mother of 2 and not some young tiny thing in her 20's. She's such an inspiration and she has an addicting personality! Love her bits of sarcasm, toughness and sweetness all at the same time. She's tells it like it is...but she's so cute and sweet when she says it that you can't help but love her while you're hating what she's saying! I was ready for a break from all the testosterone--sorry Tony H. and Shaun T. :)

5) You don't need all kinds of equipment. No hand weights or pull up bar to purchase here. Nope, everything you could need comes with it! 2 kinds of resistance bands as well as a great nutrition guide (like all the programs) and a 5-day Inferno plan to help you lose weight quick right when you start.

6) The music is HAPPENIN'!! Sorry P90X ...but your music sucked. I LOVE this music!

Okay, those are my TOP 6 reasons, and I could probably go on and on...but I have other things I need to do before the kids get home from school! As always, if you're interested in learning more..check it out at Just click "Shop" and scroll down to TurboFire!


MsByn said...

I want to try this workout SO badly!! It looks awesome. I love Zumba, but I want a bit more toning than I'm getting currently... in the arm area, anyway, but I get so BORED with most workouts. This sounds like it might be right up my alley!

MsByn said...

Because you are so real and so inpiring I've given you the stylish blogger award, if you want to participate, you can come and pick it up here: