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Friday, February 22, 2013

P90X Preparation Day & Day 1

So, since hubby and I couldn't do the workout together yesterday, I decided to make that my "Preparation Day". I made out our recipes for the next 2 weeks and I went and bought all the groceries. I thoroughly cleaned out/up our home gym area and organized all our DVD's and weights, pull up bar and bands, etc.
For eating yesterday, we had:
Breakfast: 3T. egg beaters, 1/2 english muffin, 100% fruit strawberry jam, 1 turkey bacon, coffee with 2T coffee mate creamer.  Breakfast Calorie Total = 235
Snack: 3 stalks celery 1T. natural peanut butter = 100
Lunch: P90X Chef Salad (romaine, spinach, green pepper, red pepper, tomato, avacado, 5 croutons, ham, turkey, 2T. light ranch dressing) = 250
Snack: Banana = 70
Dinner: McAllister's Grilled Chicken Sandwich & 1c. potato salad = 700
Calorie total for day: 1355

P90X Day 1-2/22/13
So, today was Day 1 again and man, it felt like the original Day 1. I forgot how many push ups and pull ups are in this routine! I would guesstimate I did about 150 push ups tonight and about 50 pull ups. I have no doubt that I am going to be HURRRRTINGGG tomorrow! I wish I had ordered some P90X Recovery Drink prior to us starting this, but I never even thought of it until today. Ab Ripper was WAY HARDER than I expected. It's been so long since I've done it...but I've been doing TurboKick Abs and Insanity Abs for several years so I really thought Ab Ripper would be a piece of cake.  Um ....No. Not even close. I struggled to get through the whole thing!! Even though I'm proud of our accomplishments today, I am disappointed to say I did suffer a moment of weakness and I scarfed down a chocolate chip cookie before dinner. I probably shouldn't have baked cookies on our FIRST day of a new program anyway, but both of my kids were having friends sleep over tonight and it just seemed like a "good mom" kind of thing to do..bake them homemade chocolate chip cookies. So..I did. I thought I could be strong and not eat any, but I kept nibbling tiny little bites off this one cookie until I had nibbled 3/4 of it away and then I said "oh forget it!!" and put the rest in my mouth. DANG it was good too! I guess I should be proud because I only ate one and the old me (the yesterday me) would have eaten at least 4-5 EASY.
Oh...and...we took before pictures tonight. Oh Wow. There is NOTHING more humbling than seeing yourself in a bikini under harsh overhead lighting in the dead middle of winter (no tan whatsoever) to make you say "THANK GOODNESS we are starting P90X today!!!"  That was painful for both me and Matt. We both have specific goals to accomplish during this 90 days. He wants to drop about 10 pounds and regain the muscle gains he had put on during Body Beast last year (and our first round of P90X in 2008).  I want to lose 15-20 pounds and sculpt.  What I don't want to do is add muscle.  I've always been a lift-heavy kind of girl, but I am going to try something different this round and instead of trying to push myself to grab the 20, 25 and 30 pounders every time, I'm going to attempt to use 10's and 15's more and just do double the reps the guys are doing at their heavy weights.  I really want lean, long muscles. Not short, bulky ones. I know that the majority (if not ALL) of this is determined by body type, genes and body composition much more than how I lift...but I just want to experiment and see since I've never tried anything but going as heavy as I possibly can.
In addition to P90X, I hope to add in some extra workouts like a little running, of course an occasional burst of Insanity and when I get a chance, some Turbo with the girls! Next Thursday I am going to check out Lifetime Fitness with my buddy Rene and actually TAKE some new types of fitness classes. I'm very excited about that and actually hope I don't love it TOO much because I can NOT afford to join that gym and I don't want to drive that far every day! ha ha
Anyway, before I go, here is what we ate today:
Breakfast: Coffee, 1 WW toast, 1 turkey sausage, egg whites and 1/2 slice cheese. Total Cal = 245
Snack: Banana, prune, 1/8 c. whole natural almonds. Total Cal = 175
Lunch: Charbgrilled Chick-Fil-A Chicken salad with 1/2 packet Light Berry Balsalmic= 250
Snack: Chocolate chip cookie = 150
Dinner: Jennio Turkey Burger, WW bun, 1 c. P90X Coleslaw, 5 tater tots, steamed veggies. Total Cal = 500
Dessert: 2 Shakeology Balls. YUM! Total Cal= 70
Total Calories for the day: 1390

*I'm trying to keep my calories at or below 1,400/day in order for me to lose weight every week.

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