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Monday, May 2, 2011

Shakeology Cleanse: Final Results and Inferno Plan begins!

Well, I got up Saturday morning and before I dove head-first into that strawberry cake sitting in my fridge (ha ha), I got on the scale one last time to see what my final results were from doing the Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse. In all, I lost 6 pounds. I felt as light as air-popped popcorn and actually had a good amount of energy for having not eaten a real meal since Tuesday.
For those of you wanting to know the dirty details: I only pooped TWICE in the whole 3 days. That is a bit crazy to me. I mean...if I was getting "cleansed"...where did all the build-up go? How did it leave my body? I have to be honest, I am one of the few weird people who actually hoped I'd be stuck on the pot all day long. I mean..then I would have PROOF. Anyway...nevertheless, I'm Very happy with my results; Very happy I did the cleanse and I Very recommend it to anyone who needs a jump-start on weight loss or needs to de-clutter your intestines. :)

Now onto the "next great thing"....Today Matt and I started the 5-day Inferno Plan from the TurboFire nutrition guide. Basically it's a 5 day eating plan that is supposed to help you lose weight before you start the regular nutrition guide. We went grocery shopping yesterday for TWO FULL HOURS just to get the foods for this week M-F and ended up leaving without quinoa or alfalfa sprouts since I couldn't locate them ANYWHERE. I guess I'll just substitute brown rice for the quinoa and lettuce for the sprouts...!!??!!
I'm really not worried about doing everything 100% PERFECTLY. As long as we stick to it about 95%...I'm happy. :)

Currently my weight is at 134 and as you all goal is 125. But...I like a comment someone left me on FB this past week that said "forget the #'s on the scale...pick a pair of pants you want to fit into and then aim for that".........and so I did. :) I have a really cute pair of Nike camo capris that I LOVE. They are a size small (4-6) and they've NEVER fit me comfortably. I actually wore them Saturday night and I was miserable. I had to unbutton them in order to breathe while sitting down. :( So...besides getting to 125, that is what I'm shooting for--to be able to wear these pants AND SIT IN THEM! :) I'll let you know when (not if) it happens!

In other news...can I vent a little bit?
If you don't want to hear me whine like a big can stop reading now.
okay, you've been warned!
WHAT is the DEAL with people? Everywhere I look there are overweight and obese people and yet, I'm LUCKY if I can get 5 people to show up to a fitness class these days. I know there are many factors that play into how many people come: such as time of the year, time of the class, day of the week, sport schedules, financial restraints, time constraints, etc. BUT REALLY? In my WHOLE TOWN......only 3-5 people?
I'm asking myself..."am I charging too much?" "am I a lousy instructor?" "are the classes to hard/easy?" "is everyone bored with it already?" "did I pick bad times of the day?" "do people want different types of classes?" "have I offended someone with my choice of music?"
I know with any new business, everything isn't always perfect. But this is confusing. I mean...people who started out coming strong and were super-motivated have just drifted away and actually seem to AVOID me now. Look, I am NOT JUST "Cross Training Fitness"...I am also Jennifer Jones, friend. :(
When I first started numbers were in the 3-5 people per class range...then they jumped up to 7-10 on average and things were going GREAT. Then suddenly without warning...back down to 3-5 IF I'M LUCKY. ?????????? I'm not giving up or quitting...but I just wish I knew what people wanted.
Many of the people who've stopped coming are the very ones who've poured their heart out to me about how BADLY they want to lose weight. So why have they stopped coming?

Then you've got me...falling back into the bad habit of comparing myself to fitness models thinking I will never look like that but feeling like I need to. A comment someone made about me one time that has really bothered me (for about a year now) was: "When I saw you were the instructor, I thought this class can't be very hard."
That particular day I was subbing a class for another instructor who looks like she belongs on the cover of Fitness Magazine. She's physically perfect and when people see her they worry about how CRAZY HARD the workout is going to be. So ....when people see me...I guess they think it's gonna be fairly easy because I am at least 20 pounds heavier than that girl and not NEARLY as ripped. :(
Blahhhhh..I am having a big whine fest, huh? See...a while back I created a separate blog JUST for this reason. A blog that NO ONE had access to so I could pour my heart out (no matter how goofed up it was) and no one would judge me. But then I decided that was dumb because then I was posting all the "negative stuff" on that blog and only the "positive stuff" on this I deleted it and now you guys are stuck hearing all this garbage. Sorry!

Anyway, tomorrow is a new day! :) I'm pretty sure the majority of this post didn't make much sense and probably didn't flow at all...but I just typed as the thoughts entered my head and now I am going to say "publish post" because I've gotta get up from here and get back to my housework!
Thank you so much to all my loyal readers! I really do love you all!


Rene' said...

congrats on surviving your cleanse. After doing 3 weeklong cleanses myself, I know how hard it can be. I've also realized its not 'real life'. you have to eat 'real food' in 'real life'. but I understand that it can be good to jump start a weight loss program if it shows u some success and that success motivates you to eat healthier or work out harder, (both of which are what will REALLY do the job in reducing fat and increasing fitness). Hopefully this success will be the 'push' that you need to keep u on track so u can reach your goal. i personally think u look GREAT now! and I know u say u are heavier than u have been in the past, but honestly to me, you LOOK thinner! go figure :) anyway, congrats and keep up the hard work! :)

don't know what to tell u about the classes ??? maybe they do think its too hard? maybe they don't really like the location?? maybe they are just not motivated, you know u could have had new years resolutioners in there and now its May so their resolve may be fading ???? or maybe like me (ha ha) they have memberships elsewhere and are already committed to a gym so don't want or can't change??? don't know the answers bc I don't know the folks, but just keep your chin up, because no matter what... YOU ARE GETTING YOUR OWN WORKOUT IN 6 DAYS A WEEK WHETHER THEY SHOW UP OR NOT. And if they DO show up, that's just a bonus of some cash :)

love ya!

Kate said...

6 pounds down?! JenniBean, I'm so proud of you! Can I get the shake in an IV and just keep it attached to me for like a month? lol

I really think $ is a big thing weighing on everyone these days. There's just very little room for extras in most families. And sadly, exercise is becoming a costly extra for some people. They may be opting for whatever workout they can do for free or in their own home. That said, then I see how some people live and make a healthy lifestyle the last priority - the contnue to buy plus size clothes, junk food, take fancy trips, etc. and still walk around obese. I really don't get it, nor do I want to. That sounds harsh, but yes, I can be critical of others who complain about their weight and then do nothing to help themselves.

Everyone seems really busy with spring/summer sports now too and maybe now that the weather is nice, people are just working out outdoors?

And whoever made that comment about your class not being hard, maybe they just mean because you're so fun. I've never been to your class, but I have the feeling you do a good job of getting people to sweat, but you have fun too. I can't picture you as a drill sergeant. Pay them no attention. You are living proof that you know how to work hard and push yourself.

Gwen said...

Jen-you are awesome! Thanks for being real...for showing us who you really are! It helps to know I'm not the only one who occasionally has a whiny day, lol! Your classes are great and I have enjoyed each one I've been able to attend. For me the hard part is making the time. Monday nights used to work, but now that it's summer we are busy most evenings. Thursdays are the other day I can come since I have childcare...but if it's not one thing it's another! Sometimes being a small business owner puts a wrench in my plans (literally, when I take parts to my hubby:))I know I have missed several times because of that, and once when I was sick, and today because I was ready to give up! For me, it seems when I start doing something good (like taking care of my body, by going to your classes!!!) I get attacked! Don't give up! Coweta needs you!!