Philippians 3:12-14 (The Message Bible)

I'm not saying that I have this all together, that I have it made. But I am well on my way, reaching out for Christ, who has so wondrously reached out for me. Friends, don't get me wrong: By no means do I count myself an expert in all of this, but I've got my eye on the goal, where God is beckoning us onward—to Jesus. I'm off and running, and I'm not turning back.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2 Day Fast

Many of you know that I have decided to try one of Beachbody's most popular products, the 2 Day Fast Formula. Here is a picture of what you get and what they say it will do for you:
Two days is all it takes to cleanse and gain control of your body. If you're ready to rid your body of excess fat, this is a perfect place to start. Use 2-Day Fast Formula for two days to experience:
A greater sense of being slim and in control of your body*
Total body cleansing*
A dramatic reduction of unhealthy cravings*
An invigorating, natural boost of energy*
An increase in weight loss from your fitness routine*
Start shedding pounds and feeling better By allowing your body to stop breaking down food so your natural calorie consumption machine can get "caught up" with the food in the pipeline, you'll immediately start burning off stored fat.
All you need to do . . . Just take 2-Day Fast Formula instead of food for two days. Afterwards you'll feel thin, refreshed, and cleansed. Even if you use 2-Day Fast Formula for just one day or for a couple of meals, it can have a dramatic effect on breaking the cycle of unhealthy eating.
It Works—Or Your Money Back! It's true! Our test groups have shown that those who enhanced their workouts with 2-Day Fast Formula lost 3–7 pounds, and felt healthier, more energetic, and in control. Now's the perfect time to give 2-Day Fast Formula a try. If you're not satisfied, just return it within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price, less shipping and handling.

So, you can see why I would be interested!!! Plus, it's only $19.95--and if I don't like it, I can get my money back!
If any of you want to order, just go to and click on "Eat Smart" and then "Supplements" and scroll down till you see the 2 Day Fast Formula.

So, I have decided to make this not only a physical fast, but also a spiritual fast, meaning that I am going to spend a LOT of time over the next 2 days praying and reading my Bible. I am going to study the book of Ephesians for these 2 days and I can't WAIT!

As I go, I will journal about how I'm feeling, what I'm doing, as well as what God is showing me in His Word. Rather than do a new post each time, I'll just keep "editing" and adding to this post so if you're following along, just scroll down and find the newest update. At the end, I will reveal what my total weight loss is!

Got up at 5:45 and had prayer/Bible study with Matt. Made his breakfast and lunch and made up my first shake. Wow! It tastes DELICIOUS! I mixed 1 scoop of the formula with 8 oz. of cold water and a few peices of crushed ice and mixed in my Magic Bullet to get it nice and smooth. YUM!

It's 7:46 right now and I'm about to take Brooklyn to school. I don't feel hungry at all and the headache I woke up with is gone. (Matt laid hands on me and prayed for my healing before he left for work). My hope is that I will get some work done for the dr. office, get a workout in (One on One with Tony-Cardio Confusion), and get some prayer/Bible time in before it's time for my next shake at noon.

It's 2:52 pm right now and I am still feeling great. I started getting REALLY hungry around 11 am, which is when I usually eat lunch, but I did my workout then instead. After I showered and got dressed, I made up my 2nd shake and man it was GooooD! I read a few more chapters in Ephesians and am just soaking in every word. I am surprised at how I am feeling physically. Normally when I miss a meal, I get grouchy and light-headed and actually have a hard time seeing straight (which I think has to do with my blood sugar levels). Anyway, although I am a bit weak, I feel very joyful and peaceful. I'm listening to Kari Jobe's sweet voice sing about the name of Jesus right now and I feel as though I can feel His presence here with me, strengthening me. I did weigh a little while ago and the scale is down 2 pounds at this point. yay!
So far, this is going well and I expect to be physically and spiritually recharged by the end of it (and 7 pounds lighter! :o)

It's 4:17 and I am eating a banana. Yep! I don't know if it was the hunger or the fact that the kids got home from school, but one way or another I developed a major headache. Seeing as how we have church tonight and then scooping ice cream in our church's ice cream shoppe after church, I need my energy and my head to be normal. The information pamphlet that comes with the fast says to eat a peice of fruit (apple or banana) if headache occurs. Hopefully this won't slow or change my weight loss. One thing is for sure, that was the best banana I've ever tasted!!! ha ha

I got up at 6 am this morning and crazily, wasn't even hungry. Did prayer/Bible study with Matt and then made his breakfast and lunch and BOOM! as soon as my eyes saw food-they informed my stomach that WE NEED SOME! ha ha I got really, really hungry and even though I wanted to wait a little later to have my first shake, I decided to go ahead and drink it then (at 7am).

It is now 8:49 am and I feel GREAT. Not weak or tired or hungry at all. I have found that it really helps me to chew on a peice of gum. Also, I'm trying to remember to drink at least 8 oz. of water in between shakes (like they suggest). Supposedly it helps with the digestion and cleansing. I know some of you have wondered and asked...but I have not been to the bathroom other than to pee yet at ALL! I honestly thought I would be going all day both days, but so far-nothing. ?????? I forgot to weigh this morning but I weighed before bed last night and it was still the same (2.5 lbs. lost). I will weigh here in a little bit before my lunch shake and see what it says then.

It's 2:43 pm and I'm just gonna say it: I should change my coach name to bigweaniegirl instead of onetoughgirl. I am having a major battle of the mind now about this whole fast thing. WHY am I doing this? WHAT is this going to prove? WHOever thought not eating any food was smart? etc. I'm fairly certain it is the hunger pains talking though. Thankfully I have a WONDERFUL group of friends who support me and check up on me and have sucessfully talked me out of quitting, even though I just finished making homemade sugar cookies and I'm about to take the kids out for pizza! Eeeek! I just keep telling myself to hang in there for the rest of today and then in the morning when I wake up this will all be over and I am going to celebrate by having Triple Berry Pancakes and turkey sausage! (sooo yummy--recipe is on my blog-just do a search). I'll update again later and let you know how the whole pizza thing went. I think I'm gonna try taking a book and my bottle of water and just pretending that I'm not there. Hopefully the kids will behave themselves while I go on a mental vacation! ha ha

The final results:
This morning when I weighed, the scale showed exactly 4 pounds lost-to the ounce. HOWEVER, crazily, it seems as though my body was waiting until today to "open the flood gates" as far as cleansing. The minute I drank a sip of my coffee this morning, it sounded like a thunderstorm brewing in my tummy. No cramping, just lots of rumbling. I'm fairly certain by the end of this morning, I will have lost another pound or two! (sorry..TMI, I know!)

Something else really note-worthy that I forgot to mention is that when you order this, you actually get enough of the shake powder for TWO FASTS. They send two cans of it and it only takes one to do a 2-Day that is WAY COOL. Instead of $20 for it, you're really getting 2 for $10 each.

This is something that I would DEFINITELY suggest to someone trying to shrink in a hurry. Meaning, I've never felt so thin and sunken in before. It seems like my body looks more ripped and tight than I've ever seen it before! It is the PERFECT thing to do before something where you have to wear a swimsuit or fit into something a bit tight. Instead of feeling like my tummy is pooching out, I feel like it is caving in! WOW!

Overall, I would say that 75% of the time, it was easy and not a big deal. But there was that 25% of the time where I got EXTREMELY weak and hungry and nearly gave up. But I didn't. Because of all of you who kept checking in on me--literally about every 30 minutes I got a message from someone telling me to "Hang in there!" "You can do it!"--I just couldn't let myself quit. I will admit, I did take one big bite of pizza yesterday at Mazzios. It was DELICIOUS--but it was all I needed to know that I was NOT going to ruin this now. I took home a to-go box for me to eat today...but now that I can have it, I don't think I will afterall. Crazy! I just look at it and wanna gag. All that cheese and fat and grease and sugar and useless calories, when I just worked so hard. thanks!

So, that's it for now. I may think of a few more things to say as the day goes through...and if I end up dropping some more weight, I'll certainly post that, but overall, I definitely give it 2 thumbs up. It tastes AMAZING and "you can do anything for 2 days" (which my BFF Kandy reminded me of yesterday when I was about to shove food into my mouth!) I will definitely remember this the next time I need to fit into a tiny dress or a bikini and I'm short on time!


MsByn said...

I'm going to order some of this. I'm odd in that I prefer not to have to eat meals... I get tired of it. More tired of the cooking & prep, but I just get tired of having to THINK about it. I also need a boost after my post-play depression. Those adrenaline crashes hit me hard. I'm going through your site, hopefully I do it right so you get credit:)


Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

I tried the Fast once too, but not as a fast. I actually bought it to use as a recovery drink after my workouts since it's the perfect carb/protein ratios. Expensive for that purpose, but I wanted to taste it and it is good!

KC said...

How did your night go? how are you feeling this morning?

KC said...

You Go Girl!!!! :)

Rene' said...

u are cracking me up--hope its going well though. isn't true how much we crave something when we tell ourselves we can't have it?

KC said...

way to go girl!!!! I'm glad you didn't give up. :)
sounds like your results were worth it!

Christina said...

Awesome! I knew you could do it and I know you've just encouraged many others to do it too. I LOVE that you made it a spiritual fast as well... that's also what I did and it made it much easier to get through in my opinion. Congrats on your success! Love ya!

Rene' said...

way to go! glad it was good results, I may get some, it certainly beats the $165 I paid for my 9day cleanse! probably something good to have on hand for those tiny clothes moments :)