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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

To Sell or not to Sell...that is the question!

So, you've lost some weight. Your clothes aren't fitting anymore (unless you like the saggy, top-of-your-underwear-is-showing look).
You reluctantly go out and spend money on the next size down...but not TOO much money because you are still on your way down on the scale. You acquire a decent wardrobe in this size when you realize that you have finally shrunken yet again and are faced with buying another whole wardrobe yet a second time.
In my case....I started out a year ago at a size 10-some 8's. Lost 10 pounds and went down to a size 8,and the occasional "big" size 6. Lost another 10 pounds and went down to an occasional "big" size 4 or a "small" size 6. This is where I am now.
Therefore I have a closet FULL of cute clothes in sizes 10's, 8's and some 6's that are too big for me now.
What do I do with them?
Some of these clothes I LOOOOOOVE! (like my 2 pair of Lucky jeans that I hardly got to wear!) I don't want to(and can't afford to) just give them away. I could sell them---but I won't get NEARLY what I paid for them. But, if I did sell them, at least I could use that money to buy clothes that DO fit. On the other hand....I can't help but think "what if I put on 10 pounds sometime again and need those clothes?" But then that makes me think that if I keep them, then I am enabling myself to gain weight!??
This is stressing me out.
I actually put an ad on craigslist for womens sz. 8-10 clothes and got several responses. I just don't know whether to part with them or not.
What do you guys think? What are you doing about this problem (because I know you are all in the same boat)!!
Bra's are another issue too. I have probably 8 NICE bras that I paid $35+ each for in a size or 2 too big for me. I still wear them because I can't afford to go buy new ones...but they look ridiculous with all that extra fabric and are unsupportive because the band around my ribs is too loose. Same thing with bathing suits.
ohhh...what to do....???
(I do have to mention that I am SO GLAD to have this "problem" though than the opposite "problem" where you have nothing to wear because it's all too tight!)


KC said...

Girl, I had this exact same problem about 10 years ago, but I held onto a few of my "favorite" in between sizes items, until after I was done having babies (I wore some of them while I was pregnant). Then once I lost the weight again, I thought "why am I holding onto all of these old clothes? I refuse to gain the weight back and actually wear these clothes again." So I sold most of them in garage sales, and even gave some away to friends who could wear them.
I do have a variety of sizes in my closet though...mostly because I always gain a few pounds in the winter months and then lose in the spring and summer month...and also for those days when I am bloated and not wanting to wear anything even remotely tight. I think my closet has a range of sizes, from a size 2 to a size 6.

Christina said...

I think we living the same life in alternate planes... did that make sense?? I have the exact same clothes problem... same size and everything... while it's a good problem to have, it is SO FRUSTRATING!!! In fact I just cleaned out my closet AGAIN and it's looking bare! Maybe the clothes fairy will leave me some money under my pillow. :)

Alissa said...

I had the same problem, especially with my jeans. I always buy designer jeans, so it was really hard to part with some size 32s and 31s that were so expensive but I couldn't possibly wear them. I sold them on craiglist! I made over 100 bucks total and a couple pairs of jeans. Not bad! I give a ton of clothing to charity too. I think it's better to keep only your new size. Then if you start to slip up, you get back on the wagon because you don't want to go buy bigger clothes!

Miss Got Wings said...

Sell away (or donate them). You don't want those sizes sticking around in the back of your closet - too tempting when you're feeling puffy or bloated . . . and then whammo! they fit again! Be done with them. You've lost the weight, so now they serve no purpose :)

Annie said...

Sell them!!!! When I started my weight-loss journey, I was a size 12 - 14. Now I'm a "big" size 6 or regular size 8 and still have another 20+ pounds to lose but I always get rid of my big clothes. I do keep one pair of pants and one top, just so I can try them on every now and then to see how far I've come. While I've been in this "transformation" phase of my body, I ONLY shop at Ross. I refuse to spend big money on clothes I only plan to wear for two or three months. And as far as bras, I know exactly what you mean! But I have found a decent (and I mean decent only) brand to get me through. Hanes. I tried on one of their bras because I had a coupon and I really liked it! Once I hit my goal weight that's when I'm spending the big $$ and going back to my Gap and Victoria's Secrets.

Congrats on having this problem though!

Rene' said...

When I lost 20 pounds 2 yrs ago I told myself I'd get rid of all my big clothes because I wasn't going back up. And if they start to get tight I just won't eat. Weeeelllll, that theory didn't work for me. I did put 10 pounds back on, and now REALLY wish I had 2 of my FAVORITE capris still hanging in my closet. So I would recommend maybe just keep your ABSOLUTE favorites that aren't going out of style any time soon and get rid of the rest. Its good to say I'll never go back up. But IF you do happen to gain a few pounds (from eating ice cream EVERY night while on vaca for 6 weeks-ugh!) then at least you won't feel sick wearing clothes that are too tight. You'll have just a couple items to carry u thru till u lose the weight again, and can still feel like u look decent (and not like a sausage stuffed in a too small wrapper). HOWEVER... I truly doubt u will ever gain ANY of the weight again-so if u do keep an item or two-pack it in the attic or storage area where its not easy to get to- 'cause u certainly won't be needing it any time soon! :)