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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

P90X Day 10, 11 & 12

YES! We are still going strong! :)
I will admit, Saturday proved to be too much of a challenge and we were unable to get out workout in. By the time we got home from the awards ceremony, (7:45pm) we were "starving" and I knew by the time we ate dinner and waited for our food to settle, there would be no way we could get Plyometrics done before bed. So...we vowed to get up extra early before church and knock it out. And we did! :)
(That's dedication there get up at 6:30am on Sunday morning and do jump tucks, etc. for an hour!)
Sunday-Day 10 (after the Plyo dvd and church) we did our "arms" workout. Matt REALLY wanted to substitute Body Beast: Bulk Arms rather than do the P90X Shoulders & Arms video, so I agreed and we knocked that out. Felt like my biceps were going to pop. It was pretty rad. :) That night at church, we had a Missions Banquet to go to...and being that the missionaries were from China...they served a HUGE Chinese buffet.  Oh boy...there's nothing healthy about that. I tried to eat sensibly but not obsess over the fact that I wasn't getting my P90X food.
Monday-Day 11. Should be Yoga, but there was no way I was getting Matt to even try yoga again. He told me, "You can do whatever you want, but I'm going to work shoulders and abs."  Since we sort of missed out on the shoulder work the day before...I decided to join him for Body Beast: Build Shoulders and Body Beast Abs. I DO love those Body Beast workouts for 2 main reasons. 1) The warm up is only about 2 minutes long (rather than upwards of 8 minutes in P90X) AND...they dvd's are only about 35 minutes long instead of a whole hour...and that is super encouraging. Plus, another bonus: You do strip sets of each exercise, increasing weight as you go. So for instance, when we do shoulder press, we start with 15 reps and I use 8# weights. Then we go to 12 reps and I use 10# weights. Then  we do 8 sets and I use 15# weights and then a last set of 8 and I go back to 10# weights. That's FORTY THREE shoulder presses without any break! The pump you get from this workout series is insane. I love it. However, in the long run, I actually think the P90X workouts will probably produce (FOR ME) the results I'm after (long, lean muscles). I really think the way Body Beast is set to help you BULK UP in a hurry. It feels good to go so hard so quick...but I'm trying to build endurance and produce a toned (NOT bulky) I probably should stick with the P90X workouts for the most part.  Its a bummer really, because Matt really wants to switch over to Body Beast exclusively now, and I don't...but we both recognize the importance of working out together. Blahhh!?!?!? Maybe we'll will just have to compromise half and half. :)
I know I haven't been sharing our diet with you over the past several days. That is mainly because I haven't been taking the time to write it down (booo on that!!) It's also partly because we haven't been being super good either with our choices. (double boo on that!!)
One lesson I know I need to learn is not to just throw in the towel and "quit" when I make a few mistakes...and so for that reason, I am going to start writing everything down again today and post it here for you. Today's workout will be Legs & Back and Ab Ripper. I will write again later to say how it went and what we ate. :)

Ps. We made the P90X Lemon Garlic Chicken for dinner last night and to our disappointment, it was reallllly bland. Crazy because I marinated it for about 2 hours in the fresh squeezed lemon juice, molasses, fresh minced garlic and Worcestershire sauce. You would think it would have been amazing...but it was really blah.


Kimberly Evans said...

Hi! Great site! My husband and I did p90x last year. Insanity this year and now I am doing Brazil Butt Lift. All great work outs!!

NathalieNature29 said...

Hi :) are you still doing it? Just start a couples days ago :)

Unknown said...

I am impressed by your commitment :) I have just completed my P90X Classic for the fist time and I am plannyng to start Doubles soon :) here's my blog:

Unknown said...
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